The owner of the Rams shows a bit of a rebel streak

Conflict of interest

Someone please tell me how Stan Kroenke owning the Dodgers is a conflict of interest.  I can tell you now business law shall never supersede Federal law and that is what this rule does. You cannot limit a person’s ownership in a business unless it is a monopoly. Last time I checked one person owning two professional sports teams out of 124 franchises is not a monopoly. I understand the fear of the Rams moving to Los Angeles trust me. I grew up in Arizona and remember the Rams in LA. I also remember the fact that LA failed to support both the Raiders and the Rams. Kronke they left for a reason. Not to mention LA is a rotting cesspool, and a terrible place to run a business you owe it to St. Louis to finish this thing through.


Despite that fact the NFL and its worse commissioner of all time in my opinion has no legal authority to prevent the deal. The rule says a non NFL market. Rodger can claim all he wants that LA is an NFL market good luck with that holding in court. If that was the case because of the NFL’s popularity, then every city in America is an NFL market according to that logic.


The rule its self is flawed. Kroenke is not allowed to own two franchises in different leagues that’s what the rule states. Yet if you please notice MLB, NHL, and NBA have no such laws that because IT IS AN ILLEGAL LAW!!!!! Besides the fact that Stan Kroenke is already in volition of the rule and the NFL has done nothing about it the last two years. Uh Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche are in the same NFL market as the Denver Broncos duh! Oh wait that was okay because it benefited Rodger Goodell, but now that a new ownership situation has arisen it’s not okay because Goodell would not benefit. That is yet another reason Kroenke should sue the league. Rodger Goodell has absolutely abused his power and stepped way out of line this is just another classic example of this. Spy gate did not cheat the integrity of the game. IT WAS CHEATING IN THE SUPER BOWL!!!!! Our leagues biggest game, yet Bounty gate has harsher penalties then Spy gate, and as a fan I can tell you what’s worse. Cheating over playing the game physically? Mrmmm let me think………DUH!


I understand the concern of Stan Kroenke owning the Dodgers, but I will not let that over cloud the fact that preventing the move is wrong. Flat out it is wrong and we as fans need to hold the Commissioner accountable. How many times are we going to allow him to screw the Rams over? Spy gate saw no real penalties, zero suspensions, and zero compensation for the parties injured. Strike one or first time shame on you which ever you prefer. Letting the Rams play in London three years in a row really? Seriously, no way that is not an unfair advantage for a NFL team, we lose a home game every year from now until 2014. I bet you if it were Dallas, San Francisco, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Green Bay or New England he would have put the kibosh on that real quick, but after all it’s only the Rams right NFL. Strike two, or second time shame on us. Finally Bounty gate, anyone want an explanation on why Goodell did not tell Jeff Fisher there was an investigation on the guy he was trying to hire as a Defensive Coordinator, and then two months later kick the guy out of the league leaving St. Louis high and dry? And now we are the only team without a defensive coordinator, strike three, or third time there should be no third time at all. We should be ashamed we stay silent on the hose job of our beloved Rams. I cannot and will not support Goodell on this issue, but I urge Stan Kroenke to try something compare your attendances this year, since both teams are losing teams. Then compare the Rams 1991-1994’ attendance to 2006-2009, you will soon realize St. Louis is the place to be by far.


Rams fan since 1983,


Anthony Manna

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