2012 Rams Offense review

The rumors of the Rams not having weapons has been drastically exaggerated. Danny Amedola should flashes of what he can do, and become the last two seasons. He must stay healthy, the Rams have another talent that if he stays healthy will be a dynamic weapon for Bradford. The best part is no one takes him seriously, curious for a 6’4 230+ pound receiver. I am talking of course about Denario Alexander, whom we picked up fro Missouri as a rookie free agent two years ago. He has the potential to stretch the field like Willie “Flipper” Anderson could do, and he is a big target like T.O. was. The key to the Rams reaching nine or 10 wins depends entirely on if, and how the Rams use him.

Next is OL, the OL must block as angry as Steven Jackson runs. Far to often the Rams front five looked like they just did’nt care. Jeff Fisher should fix that, and if the Rams offensive line blocks angry with guys like Dahl, Staffold, and yes even Brown (I have no given up on him just yet), the Rams could have a feared front five blocking for the most feared TB in the NFL. Besides blocking angry the OL must do a better job in pass protection, and stay healthy. We can not have another 250 man loss games. That total is just two high. The TE position is still up in the air, I feel that those positions need more time to develop. As a fan however I will say this will someone please step up and take a dominant role and own the position act like you want to be a starter.

Running Back is a strength point, blank, and period. Steven Jackson is a beast, he runs mad, he runs hard, he runs smart, and he runs hungry. This man deserves a playoff run. He must however stay healthy, and I can’t believe I am saying this, but he has to improve on short yardage runs. As a running back short yardage was everything. It does not matter who is in your way you drive your feet and make them pay for getting in your way. Far to often Steven was stopped in Goal to Go situations. I know it’s not all his fault, heck it’s not even half his fault, but I feel that is one area he can improve and trust me it ain’t by much he needs to improve. The nice thing is he has depth this year. The rookies coming in are talented and can get the job done when he is out or if he is injured. Finally that’s the key her as well Jackson must stay healthy for us to have any kind of success for the long haul, these rookies are great temporary fixes, but not the long haul.

Finally QB, Sam must prove me wrong of being injury prone, and having a very average career due to injury. He did in year one, but not year two. The whole reason I wanted Sue with the 1st overall pick was because our OL sucks and I knew they could not protect him. He has to remain upright for us to have success, while the league protects QB’s they do not protect Sam numerous times the last two years he was late hit, smacked in the helmet, and nothing was called. This off-season we did not get a quality back up, so if Sam Bradford goes down so will our season. Sam has proven if he remains upright he is a good QB, so that must be the priority of our offense this season, and everyone from WR’s to RB’s to OL must do there part.

Finally if the Rams stay healthy and that is a big if, they have a punchers chance at winning a wild card spot. For this to happen Denario Alexander must play a larger role in the offense point, blank, and period. The Rams do not have depth so the likely hood of them getting to magic number of nine or 10 is unlikely. So my prediction for this team is 4-12 or 5-11. It is a big improvement from 1-15, or 2-14. This project will take some time, let us be patient, and give it time.

A Rams fan since 1983,


Anthony Manna

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