Sept 24, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Referee Wayne Elliott (28) speaks with field judge Richard Simmons (102) before making a ruling on a call between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks during the fourth quarter at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Top 10 Tweets From Monday Night Football: Green Bay Packers Versus Seattle Seahawks And The Replacement Officials

I can honestly say the I have never had so much fun watching SportsCenter after a Monday Night Football game. The seemingly apocalyptic ending to the game spurred fans and analysts alike, unleashing an emotional flood of tweets and call-ins from around the country expressing their distaste for the game winning, or game losing (if you live outside of Seattle), call. The most frustrating messages seemed to be piling in from the Green Bay locker room, although there were some hilarious ones from around the league. The hashtag #ThingsBetterThanReplacementRefs was trending for a majority of the night, with some gems. Here are Ramblin’ Fans Top 10 Tweets from last nights game…

# 10. Adam Schefter typically does not tweet personal feelings or satirical comments, usually just the latest news from around the league. However, he made an exception after the Monday Night Fiasco,


# 9. If you don’t already follow Sports Pickle, you are truly missing out in the Twitter world. They had a hundred gems in the wake of the call (or non-call), but this was easily the best, and most accurate,


# 8. The game reached far outside of the NFL world, eliciting responses from celebrities from nearly all domains. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban chimed in with his own take on handling the post game interview,


# 7. First realistic take on the situation, although I think it is a bit premature to be crowning either of these teams playoff bound just yet,


# 6. Everyone loves a good wrestling reference, especially one aimed towards a former college football player. Maybe some of these replacement guys have refereed some of The Rock’s matches?


# 5. Like previously mentioned, the twitter world went crazy last night. Among the many trending tags, this one of the best I read,


# 4. One of the first Packers players to speak out after the game, Josh Sitton definitely let the NFL, and Golden Tate, know how he really felt about the situation,



# 3. Followers of Skip Bayless stalked his Twitter page waiting for the tweeting gold to start pouring out and, sure enough, it did,


# 2. Bleacher Report finally reported on something useful with this handy guide. The players and coaches have been complaining about the consistency off calls on the field, but clearly they just don’t have a firm understanding of what the refs are trying to say,


# 1. The top spot has to be for TJ Lang, who gained nearly 50k followers in under an hour. His first message was sent out of pure frustration, but the second may be a legitimate idea. Between the player and coaching fines that the NFL will rake in following the game, they should easily be able to cover those pensions that the real refs are asking for,

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  • Justa Guy

    If Lang and the other O-linemen put as much effort into keeping their QB upright as they do their twitter accounts, Aaron Rodgers would not have been sacked 8 times last night.

  • Da Pack

    Aaron Rodgers was classic after the game… “Awful” :P nice way to sum it up

  • ThisGuy

    My two favorites… 1- @ArianFoster: Drama. Great for business. Godspeed, Ed Hochuli.
    2- @BearDownPodcast: I thought it was a solid call. #ifyouareabearsfan

  • Ray

    Wow the GB players sure are whiners. You would think no other team has ever been screwed by refs. Show some class, GB.

  • BB2covey3

    The same refs ushered GB to their one TD with a phantom 3rd down penalty. I’m shaking my head at the last play but why the hell isn’t Jennings trying to bat the ball away? Packers are acting like little kids with melting popsicles.