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UPDATE: Replacement Refs Out, Regular Officials In: Are The NFL And NFLRA Close To A Deal?


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By mid-morning, reports were spilling in from around the league about a possible deal in place between the National Football League Referees Association and the NFL. Many expected Roger Goodell and the team owner to rush back to the negotiating table following the Monday Night Fiasco. Although the call in the Green Bay/Seattle game is a tough one for any official, the apparent disconnect in regular on-field mechanics (i.e. consulting with the two officials in the end zone, instead of rushing off to the review the play) may been one of the many, many straws that broke the camel’s back.

The Washington Post’s Mark Maske had reported last night that the owners were “firmly against” any compromise in the negotiations, but it does appear that their mindset may be changing. Jim Irsay, the outspoken owner of the Indianapolis Colts, tweeted the owner were “desperately” trying get a deal done,

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Adam Schefter has been updating the Twitterverse with the progression of the talks. Around noon, both Adam Schefter and Chris Mortenson has expressed some confidence that “an agreement in prinicle” had been set in place, meaning that they are essentially working out the fringe details of the plan. Mark Maske went even further claiming,

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What those small details are, we are yet to know. NFL Network’s Albert Breer published an article early this morning that there had been an agreement on the issue of backup officials. Here is what he had to say on the details of that agreement.

The developmental officials will be mentored by the existing crews and will be assigned to work with them during the week. The developmental officials will not be NFLRA members, will not work games, and will not be eligible to be subbed in initially.

But eventually, as they improve and reach the standards to be NFL officials, they will be considered for NFLRA membership. As that happens, the financial pool for officials will be adjusted accordingly.


Still, we know the major snag in the negotiations dealt with the reluctancy of the regular officials to switch from their pension plan to a 401(k) retirement plan. The NFLRA apparently swayed from their rigidity a little bit, offering a grand-fathering deal, which would allow officials who were part of the previous argument to stick with they pension, much like grand-fathering a cellular plan to a new phone; but, the NFL promptly rejected it

As more reports surface, we will see what, if any, compromises can be made between the two side.  Stick with Ramblin’ Fan or follow me on Twitter at @nkearns12 for more updates throughout the day…

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