Oct 13, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher stands on the sideline before a game against the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Week 6 Post Game Comments

Oct 13, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford (8) warms up before a game against the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams surprised a lot of people upsetting the Houston Texans on the road. The Rams are back at .500 and are feeling pretty good about where they are at. Here’s what some of the Rams had to say after the game.

Jeff Fisher

Opening Statement:

“We felt pretty good about the game plan. We have a great deal of respect for their offense and their defense since they’re ranked number one in the NFL. We knew we were going to have a tough time with the run game and that was evident in the first half, we did make some adjustments however, got things settled down. I’m just proud of our guys, they worked hard all week, had fun, (and) felt like they had a chance to come in here and win. We knew we were going to have to make big plays and it started with the turnover,  we took advantage of the pass interference penalty, and then we put the ball in the end zone. Everything fell in to place for us. Everybody contributed; special teams, obviously, we didn’t get to return many as far as punt returns, but as a whole, the special teams unit played pretty well. And then offensively we got the run game going a little bit, and that big drive in the third quarter was huge for us.”


On how it feels it be ‘2-0′:

The were chanting ‘2-0 2-0′ when they were coming in the locker room. That was a long preseason, but it’s behind us now.”


On what his biggest surprise of the game was:

“I would say, from our standpoint, our ability to get turnovers. That was a big thing. We had not turned the football over, we had a couple of offensive penalties late, but keeping the penalties down and protecting the football, and not turning it over, for us, has been very helpful the last two weeks, and keeping our quarterback upright for that matter.”


On the run game:

“We ran the ball more times than we threw it, and it’s worked for us the last couple of weeks. The offensive line obviously prefers that. They knew they were going to have a huge challenge on their hands. JJ(Watt) is an outstanding player as is Brian(Cushing). They got a good group on defense. For us to manage the game and pick up some key first downs and keep drives alive I thought it was good.”


On containing JJ Watt:

“I’d have to look at the tape, but he’s an outstanding player, he hard to control, but we threw it quick, we didnt want to hold it, and often times we were setting it up to run away from him.”


On missing Chris Givens deep:

Nobody was flustered. You know I think maybe they were caught a little surprised that Chris got behind them like that. It was a great throw, we just missed it, but we converted that third down and moved on.”


On extending lead in the second half:

“We came in with the lead I was pleased we were able to hold them to two field goals the first half. We had :45 seconds left and he(Kubiak) had  his time outs, so I was ok coming in up by 11. Then we just made some adjustments. Being able to get the ball back and get a stop on the first drive after the kickoff that went out of bounds, was probably one of those turning points in the game.”


On Daren Bates Touchdown

 “That’s a hard thing to do what we did on the kickoff cover team, scoring on a kickoff cover team. That’s really hard to do, and that’s one of the things that coach Fassell talked to them about. As long as you keep playing hard, sometimes those good things are going to happen.


On fans cheering Matt Schaub’s injury:

“Well, it’s disappointing from the standpoint that Matt’s won a lot of games here and the position he plays is difficult to play at times, but he’s still an outstanding quarterback. Like I said all week, we weren’t concerned about the interceptions that had taken place to this point. I was more concerned about his potential to move the football and the weapons he has. Obviously they miss Owen(Daniels). I think a healthy Owen may or may not have changed the outcome of this game. I don’t know, but Matt’s a competitor and  he’s earned the right for people to respect him here in town.”


On getting back to .500 and team’s struggles early this season:

“It was a combination of things. We’ve tweaked some things. We’ve still got a long way to go ‘x’ and ‘o’ wise, specifically on defense. It was important to us to speak life into our team after the Thursday game and I think we did that. Like I said, we sent them off to get a break and brought them back, and just started over.”


Sam Bradford

“I dont think we could ask for much more coming down here. We knew we were going to have to play well and we played well, all three phases of the game, and we came out with a huge win today.”


On how different this team is after two straight wins:

“I think it’s two totally different teams.We’ve taken an approach with a new attitude the past two games and I think it showed. I think we’re playing more physical on both sides of the ball, especially on offense. What we’ve done with the run game the past two weeks and  it’s opened some things up with our play action pass game.It’s been fun the past two weeks.”


On Zac Stacy:

“You can’t say enough good things. I think after the first couple of weeks we were looking for a spark, and I think Zac Stacy has been that spark. We needed something to get the run game going. Those guys up front are doing a great job too. They’re opening up holes, but Zac’s running extremely hard. He’s running downhill, it seems like he’s always falling forward. He’s plays very well the past two weeks.”


On Chris Givens drop:

“Obviously that was a huge turning point in the game. I think this team in the past, it would have been easy for us to get down, get frustrated, not convert the third down, probably not end up with points, but everyone kept believing. We had a great plan, we had a huge third down pickup right after that play. We went down 80 yards and scored a touchdown, and I think that really gave momentum to us and got us going.


On Harvey Dahl and teammates sticking up for him:

“That’s what I love about Harvey and all those guys up front is I know they got my back and to see something like that happen, I think that’s a big step for this team and a big step for this offense, a couldn’t be happier or more proud to play for those guys up front.”


On team buying into fresh start:

“I think everyone totally bought in. I think if you look at the way we’ve played the past two weeks, it;s been a completely different mindset, a completely different attitude, and it’s nice to hear that the season opener was last week against Jacksonville.


Chris Long

There are some gap issues that we have to solve. Guys have to be more disciplined, but overall, if you take the ball away and play hard for 60 minutes and you tighten up in the red zone, and the offense play the way they did, you can cure a lot of those things and makeup for a lot of those things. Imagine how we’d be if we really tightened if down on the ground, we got something to shoot for.



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