Nov 3, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams quarterback Kellen Clemens (10) attempts a pass against the Tennessee Titans during the second half at the Edward Jones Dome. The Titans defeated the Rams 28-21. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Why The Rams Can Still Make The Playoffs

The Rams have just called to 3-6 which definitely is not where you want to be at this point in the season. However, it was this time last year when the Redskins fell to 3-6 and then after a bye week, won 7 straight games and made the playoffs.

Can the Rams do the same thing? Is it possible for them to make the playoffs without their starting quarterback? It definitely is and here’s how and why they will make it.

It’s usually not important to beat an AFC team, but this week against the Colts it is essential. The Rams must get a win going into the bye week, but after that the season sits up nicely for the Rams as their final six games are against NFC opponents, five of which are in the playoffs or are in the hunt.

The Rams will just have to do the one thing that they have been unable to do, not shoot themselves in the foot and play consistent good defense. They don’t necessarily have to play turnover free, thats just impossible, but the turnovers can’t be untimely and inside the 30’s.

As of right now the NFC standing are as follows:

1. Seahawks 7-2

2. Saints 6-2

3. Packers 5-2(Still have to play)

4. Cowboys 5-4

5. 49ers 6-2

6. Panthers 5-3

7.Lions 5-3

8. Bears 4-3 (Still have to play)

9.Cardinals 4-4

10. Eagles 4-5

11. Redskins 3-5

12. Rams 3-6


Looks intimidating doesn’t it, being 3-6 and in 12th place with only seven games to go. Well here’s how the Rams create their story book ending. Here are the schedules and my predictions for how the games will play out.

These are definitely best case scenarios for the Rams. This is what must happen for them to make the playoffs. My predictions aren’t necessarily accurate as you can look at my pre season predictions to prove that for you



@Saints: L- In New Orleans Cowboys don’t have a shot

@Giants: W- It’s the Giants…

Raiders: W- It’s the Raiders….

@Bears: L- In Chicago Tony Romo will, well Tony Romo

Packers: L- Packers are too good for the Cowboys

@Redskins: W- Washington has been shaky at times this season, Cowboys get the division win.

@Eagles: W- Eagles have lost 9 straight games at home, Cowboys beat Eagles earlier in the season.


Panthers: L- Panthers defense is for real, Panthers get the win

@Saints-:L- It’s in New Orleans, Saints are almost unstoppable at home

@Redskins: L- Washington playing a little more like they did last season

Rams: L- Rams must win this game, 49ers underestimate the Rams

Seahawks: L- The ‘Hawks have owned the 49ers in the past two match ups

@Buccaneers: W- It’s the Buccaneers…

Falcons: W- It’s the Falcons…and it’s the last game at Candlestick Park

@Cardinals: W-  The 49ers are just the better team



@49ers: W- Panthers defense is for real, close defensive battle, but Panthers win

Patriots: L- It’s Tom Brady…

@Dolphins: L- Miami starting to get back on track after beating Bengals, will be a close game.

Buccaneers: W- It’s the Buccaneers…

@Saints: L-Drew Brees at home… Good luck!

Jets: L- Jets defense looks pretty good, plus its an even week, which means Geno Smith will play well.

Saints: L- The Saints prove they can beat a good team on the road

@Falcons: W- It’s the Falcons…



@Bears: L- I don’t see it happening for the Lions on the road

@Steelers: L- Pittsburgh starting to play a little better after a slow start

Buccaneers: W- It’s the Buccaneers…

Packers: L- Lions’ bad luck against Packers continues

@Eagles: L – Eagles have to get a win at home sometime.

Ravens: L- Flacco plays like Flacco and not Fluke-o

Giants: W- It’s the Giants…

@Vikings:W- The Vikings have Christian Ponder…enough said.



@Packers: L- Bears without Cutler at Lambeau- Not going to happen

Lions: W- Bears defense gets a win

Ravens: L- Flacco and the Ravens defense collectively get a win

@Rams: L- It’s in St. Louis and the Rams have to win

@Vikings: W- It’s the Vikings…

Cowboys: W- Tony Romo will Tony Romo

@Browns: W- It’s the Browns…

@Eagles: W- The Eagles don’t play well at home and Chip’s offense will struggle.

Packers: L- The Packers have that guy named Aaron Rogers who is a baaaad man



Texans: W- The Texans are struggling this year

@Jaguars: W- I think some high school teams could beat the Jaguars

Colts: L- Colts are in my opinion the best team in the NFL.

@Eagles: W- Eagles, at home, bad combination, for the Eagles

Rams: L: The Rams have to win this game

@Titans: L: The Titans defense is pretty good, Locker is playing well, Titans win

@Seahawks: L: It’s in Seattle

49ers: L: 49ers trying to keep playoff hopes alive



@Packers: L- That guy named Aaron Rogers should torch the Eagles secondary, or lack thereof

Redskins: L: Redskins are playing better than they did week one

Cardinals: L- Eagles can’t win at home.

Lions: W- Eagles have to win at home sometime

@Vikings: W- Close game, but, Christian Ponder

Bears: L- Bears defense is too good

Cowboys: L- Romo is lucky he’s playing the Eagles to win the NFC East



@Vikings: W- It’s the Vikings…

@Eagles: W- Redskins are not the same team they were week one

49ers: W- Redskins are playing like they did at the end of last year

Giants: W- It’s the Giants

Chiefs: L- The Chiefs are undefeated and have a good defense

@Falcons: W- It’s the Falcons…

Cowboys: L- Cowboys have to win this game to win NFC East

@Giants: L- Giants finish the season strong



@Colts: W- The Colts are one of the best teams in the NFL, but the Rams need the win going into they bye and they have proved they can play with anybody.

Bears: W- This is going to be a close defensive battle, if the Rams can take care of the football they can win

@49ers: W- The 49ers haven’t met Zac Stacy yet

@Cardinals: W- The Cardinals lost to the Rams in week one and have yet to meet Zac Stacy

Saints: L- The Rams can’t win five straight can they?

Buccaneers: W- It’s the Buccaneers

@Seahawks: W- The Seahawks will be resting their starters hopefully.


After all of that- Here is what the Standings would look like:

Packers: 14-2

Seahawks: 13-3

Saints: 13-3

Cowboys: 9-7

Rams: 9-7

Bears: 9-7


Jeff Fisher has shown that he will have this team ready to play each week and they will be ready to compete. At some point this team has to come out of these close games on the winning side.

The Rams barely sneak into the playoffs with a little bit of luck and some unlikely, but not impossible scenarios. The Rams are  3-6, but the season is not lost. I wouldn’t put a fork in them just yet.














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