Nov 24, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher looks on as his team plays the Chicago Bears during the first half at the Edward Jones Dome. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Rams Wild Card Watch

The Rams came off of their bye this week and for the second straight game the Rams blew out a team that had been labeled a contender before playing the Rams. With the win the Rams edged closer into the playoff before they head off to San Francisco, another contender fighting for a playoff spot. Here are the playoff standings headed into week 13.


1. Seahawks 10-1

2. Saints 9-2

3. Lions 6-5

4. Cowboys 6-5

5. Panthers 8-3

6. 49ers 7-4


7. Cardinals 7-4

8. Eagles 6-5

9. Bears 6-5

10. Packers 5-5-1

11. Rams 5-6

12. Giants 4-7

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Go and try’s playoff machine and play out your scenarios. I gave the Rams the benefit of the doubt finishing 9-7, but unfortunately the Packers tie and Rams loss to the Cowboys earlier in the season could come back to haunt them.

You have to look back at the Rams losses to the Falcons, Titans, and Seahawks and wish they had those games back.

Here are three games to keep an eye on this week:

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions

Best case scenario for the Rams is that the Lions beat the Packers and run away with the NFC north. The more the Packers lose, the better for the Rams.

Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings

The Rams need the Vikings to win this one and give the Bears a bad loss. Bears defense hasn’t looked good recently and Adrian Peterson could have a good day, let’s see if the Vikings can help the Rams out and get a victory.

Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles

This game has playoffs written all over it. If the Cardinals win, it looks like they could run away with that final playoff spot, if the Eagles win, the Rams would get a chance to move ahead of the Cardinals next week if they can beat the 49ers.


The Rams’  chances of making the playoffs are slim, but here at Ramblin’ Fan we are holding out hope until the Rams are mathematically out of the playoff race. The Rams have heated two good teams the in the past three weeks and will get another in the 49ers coming up.

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  • Gary Stewart

    as it appears to me winning and missing the playoffs affects our pick maybe 4-5 spots by that i mean as long as we dont make the playoffs our pick is no worse than say 20 if we lose 3-4 of the next 5 we could hypothetically get as high as a number 10-15 pick most likely around 13-15 and if we dont win out and miss the playoffs our pick is likely to be around 16-18 which if i split the difference i put us at around where we are now at #15 so i am rooting for clarity a win versus sf requires another at arizona we have to have both to have a chance so if the rams have to lose to sf or az i choose sf so we can be eliminated. sounds crazy but makes sense to me and if we lose to either we might as well lose to both.

    • Blaine Grisak

      I dont understand why you guys want this team to tank the rest of the season win or not this week. The Rams have lost plenty the last 10 years, its time that we start winning, playoffs or not. Lets carry what we have going now into the offseason.

  • drewspinoso

    It’s sad people would cheer for playoffs with the crappy team we have! Let’s cheer for draft picks and lose the rest of our games so we have an opportunity to actually wn a SUPERBOWL with 2 more stud rookies and a offensive coordinator who knows something about a championship passing game! Our Defensive coordinator is much worse! Stop protecting the long ball and let opposing qb’s play Russian roulette with long and Quinn!

    • Blaine Grisak

      crappy team we have? Last I checked our roster was filled with young developing stars and just blew out two teams that are considered contenders. The Rams already are going to get a high pick from WAS why not root for a playoff birth? I have never agreed with tanking to get a future player that may or may not pan out. This is a win now league. More than likely making the playoffs won’t happen, but its been 10 years since the Rams last made the playoffs, lets bring some excitement to this team.

      • Gary Stewart

        i merely said if we lose to sf (not when! we lose to them) but the way i have it figured we have to beat sf or we are 3 games behind them with 4 games to play and they have the tiebreaker if we win we still have to beat ariz or the win against sf would be a wasted win because we would be at least 2 games behind ariz with 3 to play and they would have the tiebreaker and the other team carolina or new orleans would have to lose them all and we lost to carolina giving them that tie breaker not to mention we lost to dallas in case that tie breaker ever comes into play. that said i will root for us to win every game until we lose one then i will root for the best draft pick we can get !!! GO RAMS!! so i thought it through and as a true die hard rams fan thats how i figured it out if any of this scenario is faulty let me know .

        • Blaine Grisak

          o ya SF is a must win game for sure, if we lose a game the only one we can afford to lose is the one to NO. I think we can lose one game and still have a shot. We would need help, a lot of it actually, but Ive seen this team lose far too often and will cheer for them to win every week. Your dead on in the playoffs scenarios though. I don’t think the CAR tiebreaker will come into play I’m more worried about DAL, GB, and ARI at this point. A draft pick is great, but if we pick in the 13-15 range the player level won’t drop significantly if we were to pick 13 or 15.

          • Gary Stewart

            see blaine we are on the same page , when you said WE wanted the rams to tank i took offense because i want us to win but if we become mathematically eliminated i will start thinking draft spots and at that point any subsequent losses would be somewhat acceptable as they would improve our draft stock…provided we still play hard and dont suffer any demoralizing losses. btw to those that think we should blow up the coaching staff i say wait a second walton in the first 4-5 games was following orders to have the dbz lay off and not get burned deep as they were young and subject to getting demoralized now that we have tightened it up a bit our d looks a lot better… now if shotty doesnt open it up more the next few weeks i will start to root for him to get a head coaching job so we can get a more creative mind in there i think shotty is capable of devising plays just afraid to use them and sam bradford has to be told that while an int 50 yards downfield on 3rd and 10 doesnt help his stats it is in fact as good as a punt. and if 1 in say 5-6 of those passes gets completed or draws an interference call we are better off then dumping it off 2 yards short of the first down and having to punt anyway. GO RAMS!!

          • drewspinoso

            I disagree with the “laying off” remark. Detroit complained of the same things. Also, when you have two studs at DE you want that extra second for passers to TRY and go deep! Let them become beheaded or give up a fumble back in Rams territory! They may be successful 10% of the time but they will be a bit startled or injured by the end of the game! Rams D went all out lAst year just because the safeties did suck and it worked pretty well!

          • Gary Stewart

            i said the rams were laying off in the first 4-5 games and have tightened the screws since then which i believe is the way to go waltons d is coming along well

      • drewspinoso

        Must be nice to be a dreamer! Clemens is no Kurt Warner!

        • Blaine Grisak

          I never said Clemens was the next Kurt Warner, nor do I think Im being unrealistic. This team is going to have a chance to win the rest of their games, we are playing good defense, we are running the ball well, we aren’t turning the ball over, and best of all we aren’t shooting ourselves in the foot with bad penalties. Im not saying we are going to win the Super Bowl or win a playoff game if we were to make it for that matter, all Im saying is that we haven’t won more than 10 games since 2003 and have failed to win more than 4 games 4 times in that span.