Draft Watch: Week 15

Apr 26, 2013; New York, NY, USA; NFL former player Deion Sanders announces the number sixty overall pick to the Atlanta Falcons during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Apr 26, 2013; New York, NY, USA; NFL former player Deion Sanders announces the number sixty overall pick to the Atlanta Falcons during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams pick from the Washington Redskins continues to get higher and higher. With the loss to the Falcons, the Rams are now in sole possession of the number two overall pick. With playoff hopes gone, all eyes are on where the Rams will be picking come the draft. Here is the updated draft order after week 15:



1 Houston Texans 2 12 0.551
2 St. Louis Rams (WAS) 3 11 0.520
3 Oakland Raiders 4 10 0.485
4 Jacksonville Jaguars 4 10 0.495
5 Atlanta Falcons 4 10 0.533
6 Cleveland Browns 4 10 0.536
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4 10 0.577
8 Minnesota Vikings 4 9 1 0.515
9 Buffalo Bills 5 9 0.510
10 Tennessee Titans 5 9 0.541
11 New York Giants 5 9 0.551
12 Pittsburgh Steelers 6 8 0.487
13 New York Jets 6 8 0.500
14 St. Louis Rams 6 8 0.556
15 Detroit Lions 7 7 0.477
16 San Diego Chargers* 7 7 0.495
17 Dallas Cowboys* 7 7 0.495
18 Green Bay Packers 7 6 1 0.454
19 Baltimore Ravens* 8 6 0.449
20 Philadelphia Eagles* 8 6 0.449
21 Chicago Bears 8 6 0.452
22 Miami Dolphins 8 6 0.520
23 Cleveland Browns (IND) 9 5 0.480
24 Cincinnati Bengals 9 5 0.487
25 Arizona Cardinals 9 5 0.495
26 New England Patriots 10 4 0.474
27 Carolina Panthers 10 4 0.497
28 San Francisco 49ers 10 4 0.508
29 New Orleans Saints 10 4 0.526
30 Kansas City Chiefs 11 3 0.408
31 Denver Broncos 11 3 0.505
32 Seattle Seahawks 12 2 0.472

**Tie-breaker would be determined by a coin flip

As you can see from the table above, the Rams would be selecting at number two and number 14. That’s not too shabby at all, and the Rams are in perfect position to improve greatly this offseason.

With the number two pick, it would be my best guess that the Rams are going to do their absolute best to get out of this pick. There are many trade options, but one that makes sense is the Browns, Jaguars, Buccaneers depending of the coaching situation, or Vikings moving up to get ahead of Oakland to draft a top quarterback.

The most obvious trade option is Cleveland just because they have the most to give up with their spare first round pick this year. The Rams could end up with three first round picks, but enough speculating.

What if the Rams can’t get a deal done and are forced to choose at number two? Here I believe the Rams go with UCLA line back Anthony Barr. Barr is a great defensive prospect and would make an immediate impact on the defense. Jake Matthews would also make sense even though Fisher has never drafted a lineman in the first round.

At 14 this get a little big tricky. The Rams have a lot of options here, as much as I would like the Rams to draft Marquise Lee, I don’t think he is available here, and as much as I would like them to take Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix, 14 is a reach.

The Rams will either try to trade down to get Clinton-Dix or draft Oklahoma St. cornerback Justin Gilbert. Cortland Finnegan has more than likely seen his last days as a Ram, and the Rams will need to add a top player to help out what has been a troubling secondary at times.

You have to hope the Rams can get Clinton-Dix here, because if they don’t the talent level in safety drops significantly after him where as the Rams can still get a pretty good cornerback in the second round.

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  • Gary Stewart

    hi blaine here we go again i agree with barr if we cant get out of #2. the matthews fisher tie is solid but barr makes more sense a solid mlb and 2 olbs flying around would be awesome. i like the cleveland option the best leaving us 6 14 and 24 then if either barr or matthews are there at 6 it becomes a no brainer (unless they both are there then id say either way is fine.) then dix at 14 and gilbert at 24, obviously i still like the idea of trading our second round pick for kirk cousins if washington is willing to take a second rounder for him. if not the second rounder goes toward a wr or another o lineman if saffold leaves. i think alot of the rams decisions will hinge on the saffold decision but we will know before the draft and if he isnt signed and we get a lineman we move on. what do you think of all this ??? GO RAMS!!

    • Blaine Grisak

      Thats a damn good first round in my opinion. Maybe at 6 you even take Watkins or Lee if Barr or Matthews aren’t there. I don’t think the Rams would trade a second round pick for Kirk Cousins, if they go with a quarterback they will draft one in the 3rd or 4th round. What happens to Saffold is going to decide a lot of what the Rams do this offseason. They really need to resign him though, he’s a big part of that line and he has been absolutely stellar at guard.

      • Gary Stewart

        following up on the saffold point if we resign him is barksdale the answer or do we still need a rt?

        • Blaine Grisak

          I think Barksdale is the answer, he’s graded as the 28th best offensive tackle of PFF with a positive 9.1 overall grade which isn’t too bad. I doubt Dahl or Wells will be back next year so we’re going to have to address the line at some point to add some depth.

          • Gary Stewart

            i certainly think if its depth at o line, and not starters that most likely means barrett jones will be moving up i feel if he is in their plans at center fish and co will look for depth late in the draft or in free agency above all saffold looks like the real answer at rg if he will work with us our o line could become special