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Three Things Rams Fans Want This Holiday Season

Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys fans Scott Lard (Santa) poses for a photo with his daughter Kirstie (left) and wife Kaylee Lard prior to the game against the Oakland Raiders for a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at AT

Happy holidays Rams fans. We wish everybody happy holidays and a happy new year. Now everybody has a wish list during the holiday season, here is a wish list for the common Rams fan.


Finish 8-8

The last decade for the Rams and their fans have been pretty tough to say the lease. The bandwagoners have officially left the ship and only the die hards remain. Since 2007 the Rams have failed to win five games in four of seven years.

The Rams have not finished with a .500 record at 8-8 since 2006. Winning in Seattle this week and accomplishing that, with their backup quarterback nonetheless, would mean a lot for this team and Rams fans everywhere.


A Redskins Loss and A Texans Win

Two years ago now the Rams general manager Les Snead and head coach Jeff Fisher pulled off one of the biggest trades in draft history with the Washington Redskins, exchanging their number two pick in which they chose Robert Griffin III in exchange for their second round pick that season, last year’s first round pick and this year’s first round pick.

It just so happens that this year’s first round pick is guaranteed to land in the top five and if the Redskins lose to the New York Giants and the HoustonTexans beat the Tennessee Titans, that pick will turn into the number one overall pick.

With that pick the Rams could take a very talented player, or they could once again pull off a blockbuster trade. The Redskins had no idea that they could possibly be giving the Rams a number one pick when they pulled off the trade. As of right now the future for the Rams looks extremely bright. As they say, “Tis the season of giving.”


Robert Quinn To Win The Deacon Jones Award and Defensive Player Of The Year

In the offseason Rams Nation very sadly lost one of their greatest players in team history in Deacon Jones who passed away. In memory of the Deacon, the NFL decided to name the sack award after him.

Fittingly in its first year in existence it is very possible that a Rams player will win the award. With one week left to play Robert Quinn leads the league in sacks with 18. Robert Mathis was gifted a sack after the game giving him 17.5. It will be a close race as Quinn only lead by half a sack, but at this point it seems as if it was meant to be.

Rams fans everywhere have also been campaigning for Quinn to win the defensive player of the year award. Heck, Chris Long got in on the campaign during his post game press conference last week.


These are three things that Rams fans are wishing for this holiday season. Once again we hope everybody has a great and safe holiday this holiday season and as always, go Rams!


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  • Gary Stewart

    blaine, blaine ,blaine you did not quite get it right the trade we made went like this we gave them the number 2 overall pick in 2012 as you stated, but we got their 2012 #1 pick, the #6 overall in addition to the number 1 pick in 2013 and 2014 we traded that 6th overall pick for the 14th 39th and 45th overall pick that year we chose brockers with the 14th pick janoris jenkins with the 39th pick then traded the 45th pick for the 50th pick and a 5th we got pead and rock watkins for those 2. and we got their 1st rounder in 2013 which was 22 we traded it down and got ogletree at 30 and an additional late pick used to choose bailey, and stacy the net is rg3 to washington and the rams got brockers jenkins bailey ogletree pead stacy and watkins watkins is the only onel not on the team and pead is the only other one who is not yet making contributions to any extent as bailey is beginning to come on and now we stand to add from 1-5 in the 2014 draft which as you noted may lead to more trade downs i say we should have the redskins phone number on speed dial in case they have another trade in mind!!!!! GO RAMS!!!!

    • Blaine Grisak

      You are right it is amazing everything we got out of the trade. The original trade was just swapping first rounders as well as the Redskins’ first-round picks in 2013 and 2014. The Rams also received Washington’s second-round pick in 2012. Les Snead just used those picks to get a handful of more picks. Little did the Redskins know they would basically rebuild the Rams franchise. I’d say the Rams should keep the Browns phone number in hand. They have two first rounders this year which makes them easy trade bait.

      • Gary Stewart

        i totally agree while matthews is touted as a cant miss if we could get the #5 and #25 along with the browns 2nd round pick we could still get a lineman in kuondjo or lewan and get an olb in barr mack mosely or shazier and still have our pick to go for dix at 15 and trade one of the 2nd rounders for kirk cousins i know you dont like that but hes shown he can play and he is on a rookie contract and adds a better backup/competition for bradford. this scenario leaves us with another second rounder left to choose a corner in what is considered a deep class of cornerbacks. and if for any reason dix is gone we take a top tier cb at 15 and choose a safety in the 2nd or 3rd round consider this tj looks pretty good and he was a 3rd rounder

        • Blaine Grisak

          That would be the dream wouldn’t it? I think we may only get their other number one if a trade is made with the Browns, not sure the Rams will get as much as they did in 2010. You never know though.

          I wouldn’t say Im against the Kirk Cousins idea, Im just against trading away a second round pick for him especially if he’s only going to backup Bradford. a 3rd is as high as I would go and thats even pushing it for me.

          Rams need Dix,we need a top safety in our secondary, not against Gilbert though if Dix is gone, we could use a top CB. OLB would be once as well to replace Dunbar, with Long tearing his ACL though drafting Matthews may not be a bad idea.

          • Gary Stewart

            blaine lets start with my projections for the final / first 8 picks hou, stl, jax, cle, tb, atl, oak, minn. the teams that need a qb hou jax cle minn oak and tb are maybe on qb but would both be interested in clowney at #2 if their qb goes at #1 as i expect to hou therefore while i cant be sure i gotta believe that even at 4 we could get matthews and even at 5 we could get barr or matthews so trading with cle or tb makes sense if we trade with cle we get #4 and #25 even if we cant get their 2nd we surely could get their 3rd rounder to boot if they want to trade up. if they want to stand pat next up is tampa, the price for our #2 is a bit riskier when we may lose matthews so i propose 2 for 5 their 2nd round in 2014 and their first rounder in 2015 and the rg3 trade keeps giving. if oak wants clowney at #2 or hou leaves bridgewater behind the #2 get us their first at #7 their 2nd and next years 1st and 3rd we could still get barr? matthews? or any one the the position players of need .

          • Gary Stewart

            i added the minn slot along with atl minn is prefer because i expect to take future picks in any trade with either team and i expect the picks from minn to be higher as i fully expect a solid bounce back from atl and not so sure with minn as they will most likely be using a rookie qb in 2014 so minn gives us #8 their 2nd rounders i believe they have 2 one from seattle in the percy harvin deal (i may be wrong) next years 2nd rounder and the 2016 !1st rounder and rg3 keeps giving as for atl they get clowney we get their #6 along with their 1st and second next year.

          • Blaine Grisak

            Gary, you need to call up Les Snead and ask for you to be the assistant GM haha. I like it all and like all Rams fans out there I hope it happens. As much as I like us having a high pick at number two, there really is nothing more I want than to get out of it and get a plethora of picks in exchange. With either Bridgewater or Clowney to be guaranteed at our pick, it could happen, its unlikely we get as much, but we would get some quality picks as you mentioned.

          • Gary Stewart

            well it looks like i had the first 8 picks correct although picking the 7 worst teams to lose is not that hard lets make it simple our #2 for clev #4 and 25 then matthews and or barr would most likely be there as jax has to go for a qb at #3. assume bridgewater at #1 then clev takes either clowney carr manziel at #2 jax has to go best qb avail and if not they cant get barr and matthews so we take whats left still get dix at #12 then maybe nix at #25

          • Blaine Grisak

            Don’t know if Nix will drop all the way down to 25 even so, Id like to take a CB at 25. Finnegan will be doubtful to be back in STL in my opinion, Rams will need to address two spots in the secondary, taking S and CB in the first round would make our secondary one of the best in the league. I like Barr or Matthews at 4 and then Dix at 12 though. Thats a solid first round, a lots going to happen between now and then though

          • Gary Stewart

            i dont disagree with that, but if we trade and he is there at 25 the cb depth is good there arent many quality interior d linemen avail. sanchez tossed out nix as a possible for our first round pick (our own) pick i dont want him at #13 i still want dix and sanchez did say he prefers dix at our mid first pick i still believe we will find a trading partner and if not the matthews or barr plus dix would still look good just not awesome as it could be, of course with clowney and or teddy left at #2 we almost have to find a trade partner and wouldnt you think we could figure out a way to integrate clowney in if we resign saffold and stay at #2

          • Blaine Grisak

            I think Dix is more of a need than Nix, Dix is a must in the first round for us in my opinion. A trade is a big possibility, there will be somebody looking to jump up and grab their quarterback or to get Clowney. I think we could integrate Clowney and rotate him in our line, I like Barr or Matthews at 2 better even if we resign Saffold. Im going to assume Saffold will be moved to guard as he played well there. Having matthews and long gives us two top tackles.

          • Blaine Grisak

            I also wouldn’t mind trading down from 4 if we trade with Cleveland to around 8-10 and grab one of the top two receivers

          • Gary Stewart

            now you are beginning to think a bit like me but if we trade in your scenario for #4 and #25 now you have us trading from 4 to 8-10 what do you suggest we should get in addition to #4. i think there are 4 truly elite players in this draft and i dont want us to miss out on at least 1 btw i do not consider teddy as 1 of the 4 my 4 are barr matthews clowney and watkins id be fine trading down to maybe 6-7 if we have # 4 and 3 of those guys are left before we are on the clock i just dont think evans is quite as good as watkins and i dont want our best pick to be a wr unless its watkins. with the 8 teams that need a qb we need there to be about 3-4 avail so everyone cant afford to sit still so far the only one for sure on the franchise level is carr i expect manziel and bridgewater to add their names then either bortles or maybe hundley hopefully not both because as the field waters down we cant trade down as easily, and if we leave 2 and 4 we need 5 top 50 picks at least to go with our own at 13 and 45. does that make sense. if we have7 top 50 total we can afford to have our first pick be watkins because kuondjo or lewan would still be there and we could miss barr because mosely or mack would still be around and depending whats avail my guess is we are taking futures and while i like the idea of having futures sooner or later we need to get some real studs and i prefer sooner. GO RAMS!!

          • Gary Stewart

            update shiano is gone new coach more likely to want his own qb adds another possible trade partner or another team wanting #2 to make sure tampa doesnt jump them to get their franchise qb btw i wonder if hou may trade down what a crap shoot everything becomes at that point.

          • Blaine Grisak

            If we don’t take Dix at 12 or can trade down again at 4, I think we should take a number one receiver, we need a receiver that can take over games. Wouldnt be able to get Matthews or Barr, but I don’t think Givens is our number one, he’s a two or three at best in my opinion, and heaven only knows about Quick.