2013: The Sophomore Slumps

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Coming into the 2013 NFL season, the St. Louis Rams were the youngest squad in the league. As much as that is a good thing, being young does have its setbacks.

Young players tend to make mental errors and commit dumb penalties, and when some of the key players on the roster are in their first or second year, those mental errors can come back to hurt you.

Young players also have a tendency to take time to adjust to the NFL and the “speed of the game” as they like to call it. Some players out of college do well coming out of the gates in their rookie year, but when they hit their sophomore season, players can sometimes struggle.

For the Rams, they experienced all of these. From the mental errors to the sophomore slumps, the Rams experienced it all. Here is a look at a few players who experienced a sophomore slump.

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