St. Louis Rams 2014 Mock Draft: Post Bowl Season Edition

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1st Round


With The Second Pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams Select….

Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson


More than likely the Rams will be trying to trade down from this spot, but even so , I don’t think they trade down far enough to miss out of Watkins.  A lot of players make sense here, and I’ve gone back and forth a lot on this pick.

Number two may be reaching a little bit, but after pro days the scouting combine, Watkins could end up as a top five pick making number two seems not so crazy.

However, after watching Watkins’ 16 catch, 227 yard, and two touchdown performance against the Ohio St. Buckeyes, it’s hard to believe that the Rams would pass on a guy like this to put on the outside.

Wakins would be able to come in right away and be that true number one receiver that Sam Bradford hasn’t had in his career as a Ram.

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  • Zachery Klausman

    Blaine, Do you respond or read your comment section? Just wondering because I don’t want to write out my opinion for writers who don’t respond to their readers. Thanks

    • Blaine Grisak

      Ya I try to do my best to respond to people who comment on my stuff.

    • Gary Stewart

      yes zach blaine is good at responding and while he is hard to talk out of certain things his knowledge is good and he generally selects players that make sense . although you have to get him to explain his ideas from time to time, like i agree with sammy watkins but only if we can trade down from #2. if we move a couple spots to #4 i like the true disrupter in anthony barr , watkins if we drop to 7 or 8. and clowney at #2 if we cant find a partner. unless hou takes clowney @1 then all bets are off and the rams have 10 mins to swing for the fences and trade out quick and hard

      • David Simeral

        I too love the thought of getting Sammy Watkins, but definitely not at #2. I hardly see a scenario where the Rams don’t trade out of this spot. I wouldn’t be surprised if they trade back even further after that. I think a lot of these picks will hinge on who we resign/sign out of FA. If we can sign a veteran safety such as Byrd or even a veteran WR such as Maclin, I highly doubt we will be drafting Watkins or Clinton-Dix. I get that we don’t have that information yet and we can only go off of what we know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of those needs is met in FA.

      • Blaine Grisak

        I think by the time the draft rolls around, Watkins will be worthy of the number two pick, if not dropping past five is risking not getting him and going down to eight you miss out on him. I wouldn’t put it past Oakland to take Watkins, and Tampa Bay would almost certainly take him. If you want to guarantee yourself Watkins, you can’t drop out of the top 5. As for Barr Im beginning to think he’s just not a great fit in our system. To me Barr is more of a 3-4LB.

        • Gary Stewart

          sorry to disagree blaine but barrs versatility is such a positive he has become a top 5-10 pick and he was a fullback 2 years ago i just picture laurinitis in the middle and barr and ogletree on each edge and the qb having to guess is he coming! or is he coming! are they both coming!! then he freaks and they both drop in coverage int or sack either way i gotta love barr

          • john smith

            I don’t understand why this love of Barr is coming back. It seemed to have died weeks ago, which made me happy because I am tired of seeing people write about how the Rams should draft him. I understand that he is a great talent and extremely versatile for how long he has been playing the position, but he is a OLB for a 3-4 defense. The reason he has been able to learn so quickly and play at a high level is because his position really only calls for him to rush the outside. His position as well as Barr himself is basically a glorified DE. He gets to rush off the end nearly every play and covers the flats if he is in coverage, these things are relatively easy to do. I am not saying he is a bad player and shouldn’t be drafted, because he can be a great player he just has to be in a 3-4 scheme.Then there is the question of how many snaps are there where all 3 LBs for the Rams are on the field? Seattle and AZ like to spread you out with 3 WRs. SF is really the only team that allows you to be in your base defense for most of the game. So when there are 3+ WRs on the field which of the LBs are coming off the field? JL is the highest paid and best of the bunch so he needs to be on the field as much as possible, Ogletree was a first rounder and looked good but needs more experience and is more athletic than JL. So who comes off the field, because you can’t have LBs covering WRs and expect to win many games. If you want the extra pass rush then draft Clowney. He can be moved inside to play the 3, he only needs to get a little bigger 6’6 265-275. add 20 lbs and he could be a real force inside with his speed. Then on pass downs you can have Long, Quinn, and Clowney rush while dropping 8. least with Clowney you dont have to take him off the field when formations and personnel changes for the Offense.

          • Gary Stewart

            very well thought out john and i like barr for the following reasons, if the coach asked him to try kicking field goals he would try it, while he has been in a 3-4 whats to say the rams cant use a versatile hybrid like barr as a combo himself and as you discuss limitations with barr i feel there are limitations with clowney, having him add 20-25 lbs to play effectively as a dt position would surely take away from his burst and overall speed thereby denying the rams the freak they would have signed up for when drafting him. and sharing 2 positions with 3 players is the type things teams with an embarrassment of wealth do or when they accidentely find 2nd round talent in the 5th 6th round barr has 2 years on this side of the ball meaning his upside potential has not been reached . by the way when i say the coach asked him to kick that wasnt exactly what it meant it meant for instance he actually could be called on to play as a hybrid h back in certain packages and has experience which means more than likely he could actually block pretty well. i guess what it all comes down to is i trust the rams to know if hes capable of giving them what they need and the further down the line they are able to pick him up the better choice he becomes!! GO RAMS!!

          • Gary Stewart

            oh and lastly if the offense changes personnell so can the defense but thats what alot of teams do again how far down can we get him and where can we use him!!

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  • cesarnoel

    We have the same projection of the mock draft with the difference that I would select Baylor’s Cyril Richardson or UCLA’s Xavier Sua-Filo who have played both Guard and Tackles positions very well during the season. Zach Mettenberger is much better than Boyd because he has played the same system as with the Rams so the transition is not that difficult. For the 6th round I would pick Keith McGill from Utah (6’3″ CB/FS/ST ace) solidifying the secondary further since Darian Stewart might not be signed back. then for the 7th round would be either OL or DT. But since Rams has re-signed DT/DE Mason Brodine back I’m fine OL here.

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