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The “Mystery” Of Sam Bradford: What Is His Trade Value?


The NFL offseason is a magical “dead period” in sports, filled with smoke screens, trade speculation, and a multitude of free agents “testing the waters.” Last season, the St. Louis Rams were left out of most of the fun, not having a Top 5 draft sparking a bidding among NFL owners. We did have a solid week of #WhileWaitingForJake tweets, but that was about the height of the excitement in Rams Nation.

With the Rams currently owning the rights to the No.2 overall pick in the 2014 Draft and also currently housing an “under-achieving,” No.1 overall quarterback on their roster, rumors have already started spreading throughout the league. Less than 24 hours ago, Sports Illustrated’s Chris Burke named Sam Bradford as one of his potential “big-name” cap casualties this offseason. He cites the Bradford situation as a “mystery” despite repeated proclamations from both Les Snead and Jeff Fisher that the Sooner legend will return as the starter in 2014.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time that media has pressed the idea of Sam Bradford moving on from St. Louis. Back in 2012, prior to the Robert Griffin III trade, many were speculating that the Rams might opt to maintain their place at No.2 in the draft, and instead move Bradford to the highest bidder. Around The League writer, Chris Wesseling, spoke about that process in-depth around this time last year, citing reports of several times interested in the former No.1 overall pick. In fact, he writes…

How high were teams willing to go? Sports Illustrated’s Peter King tells NBC Sports Network’s Erik Kuselius that the Rams would have received a “high first-round pick” in return had they opted to deal Bradford.

Nearly two years later, strikingly similar rumors and hypothetical discussions are starting to rise again about Sam Bradford.

Very favorable, eh? While there is no doubt that Sam Bradford will be returning to the St. Louis Rams in 2014, the idea of trading him is certainly intriguing. If Sam Bradford would have fetched a “high first-round pick” back in 2012, what could he garner in 2014?

Well, back in 2009, the New England Patriots were able to snag the No.34 overall pick from the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for Matt Cassel. In 2011, the Arizona Cardinals traded their second rounder and Pro Bowl cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to the Philadelphia Eagles for Kevin Kolb. Most recently, just this last offseason, the Kansas City Chiefs traded their 2014 second rounder to the San Francisco 49ers for the services of Alex Smith.

Seems like a “fair” market price for a talented quarterback in the modern trade marker is a second rounder. Would that (hypothetically) be enough to satisfy those in Rams Nation who are in favor of shipping Sam Bradford?

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  • Stacy smith

    I’ll take a high 2nd or a low first if he doesn’t restructure his contract.

    • tvandenbark

      There is virtually no chance Bradford restructures his contract, because the Rams don’t stand to gain anything from it. The only thing the Rams would be interested in is an extension, which Bradford isn’t going to be interested in because he knows one strong season means a big payday. If the Rams were honestly interested in trading Bradford I can’t imagine they would let go of him for anything less than a 1st rounder.

      • Gary Stewart

        hes waiting for a big payday!! 5 years 80 million sorry but he got one already that said a low 1 or high 2 could work it would relieve the pressure of the existing contract and afford the rams the chance to do whatever they want with #2 including trading down i could see it as far as #8 where i believe a derek carr may be available. the same arm strength as bradford at about 17 mil less trade down yields at least a #2 and a future #1 or #2 so we could get cash relief derek carr haha dix have a 1 and a 2 or 2 2nds to solve the immediate problems at cb and a dt with 5 rounds to go as well as 2 2nds next year

        • Gary Stewart

          also if the rams were to trade bradford early they would know what their picks were and in time to invest in a few free agents. still i’m not saying i favor that plan, but it is worth consideration.

        • tvandenbark

          I certainly am not arguing that Bradford hasn’t already received a big payday, but please let’s not fault him for being the last #1 overall choice of the old CBA. All I am saying is the market for Bradford probably isn’t going to be very good because he hasn’t lived up to his 1st round billing yet. The Rams aren’t going to take anything less than a 1st for Bradford and probably not even willing to take that. The big payday I was referring to is in regards to how the Rams were looking to extend Bradford this season, something Bradford will want to wait on because he knows a good season will dramatically improve his leverage. I am firmly in the front of the Bradford bandwagon, so take everything I say with a grain of salt, but financially it doesn’t make sense for Bradford or the Rams to restructure his existing contract and the Rams aren’t likely to find an agreeable trade on the market. Just my thoughts.

          • Gary Stewart

            if memory serves me bradford had about 56 mil guaranteed of the 80 mil+ contract based on his performance alone he owes us, however since he had no weapons he shouldn’t be totally blamed plus he has been a run for your life qb in the first 2 years my point is this!!… while i believe in bradford any gm worth his salt would have to explore the bradford value. had he performed like a manning or a brady you wouldn’t even bother checking but both brady and manning have shown the ability to raise the level of play in themselves and their teammates which is not something i’ve seen as of yet from bradford and in my opinion sam owes the team a bit of a home town discount. that said a late first rounder and the cap relief may warrant a trade at a time when the rams have the 2nd overall selection. if they feel a franchise qb is out there and they can get a late 1st rounder along with the 17 million in relief lets go for it!! if we want to get a jameis winston or mariotta next year we would have to pay dearly unless we play like crap next year and thats not likely. where do you put your eggs (which basket)?

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  • cesarnoel

    The only time I’d trade Sam Bradford if there’s another Peyton Manning in the 2015 draft which we do not know.

  • Gary Lake

    I would trade him for a pair of shoes and a happy meal.