Aug 4, 2013; Canton, OH, USA; General view of the busts of 2013 enshrinees Larry Allen and Cris Carter and Curley Culp and Jonathan Ogden and Bill Parcells and Dave Robinson and Warren Sapp at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

St.Louis Rams “Mount Rushmore”

Dec 15, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts former running back Marshall Faulk (left) Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay (center) and Indianapolis Colts former running back Eric Dickerson pose for a photo during the game against the Houston Texans at Lucas Oil Stadium. Indianapolis defeats Houston 25-3. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With all of the talk of whether or not LeBron James deserves to be among the greatest in NBA history and on the “Mount Rushmore” so to speak, here at Ramblin’ Fan we decided to make our own Mount Rushmore of former Rams players.


Deacon Jones

Deacon Jones is the face of the Rams franchise and you can’t not put him on the Rams Mount Rushmore. He is not only one of the greatest Rams of all time, but he is one of the greatest football players of all time.

Jones is said to be the creator of the statistic we know as the sack and because of that the NFL now has an award that goes out to the player with the most sacks at the end of the season.


Isaac Bruce

Once again, putting “Reverend Ike” on Mount Rushmore is a given. Bruce is without a doubt one of the greatest Rams of all time and one of the few that the Rams have retired jerseys for.

Bruce also has one of the monumental moments in Rams history as he was on the receiving end of the magical game-winning touchdown reception in Super Bowl XXXIV that gave the Rams their only Super Bowl win in franchise history.


Eric Dickerson

There is no doubt that a Rams running back belongs on the Mount Rushmore of Rams players. The only question is, which one do you put up Dickerson, Faulk, or Jackson.

When you think of the great Rams running back however, Dickerson is the first one that comes to mind which is why he gets on Mount Rushmore. Dickerson also has the most rushing yards ever by a running back in NFL history.


Mike Jones

Mike Jones may not have been one of the greatest Rams of all-time as he only spent four seasons in St. Louis and bounced from team to team his entire career, but he is the holder of the greatest play in Rams history known as “the tackle” when he tackled Titans wide receiver Kevin Dyson at the one-yard line giving the Rams the win and title as Super Bowl XXXIV Champions.


That is our St. Louis Ram Mount Rushmore. Be sure to let us know who you would have in your St. Louis Rams Mount Rushmore and let us know what you think of our list. Go Rams!




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  • Steve Teets

    First off, Mike Jones? While steady and certainly the greatest single play in Super Bowl history, you can’t put Mike there ahead of Kurt. I mean for one play, if Ricky Proehl doesn’t haul in Kurt’s pass in the NFC championship game, there isn’t any Super Bowl super play.

    My Mt. Ramsmore (and why):

    Deacon Jones, Merlin Olsen, Jack Youngblood, Jackie Slater

    While this is a trench heavy foursome, it should be noted that of the 63 total years of play in the NFL these guys have, 60 of them were as members of the Rams. Only Deacon’s final three years with the Chargers and Redskins were non-Rams.

    While Dickerson had his best years as a Ram, and I loved them, there were the Colt years, same as Marshall. Kurt ends up going to another Super Bowl with another team.
    While the Reverend Ike is worth considering, is he that much superior to Fears, Hirsch or Holt ? And I always liked the previous #80, Henry Ellard.

    Deacon and Merlin are not just the greatest Ram linemen of all time, but they are most probably the best D End and D Tackle in NFL History. Jack Youngblood is the Rams. And what did the offensive line, led by Jackie Slater, do AFTER Eric Dickerson left the Rams? Blocked for 1987 NFL leading rusher Charles White and 1989 NFC leading rusher Greg Bell. Charles White & Greg Bell? Are you kidding? He blocked for backs from Lawrence McCutcheon to Jerome Bettis!

    Look up the careers of my Mount Ramsmore and find a group more decorated as Rams………

    • Blaine Grisak

      There is no wrong answer in these unless you put ridiculous players up there, which I don’t believe I did. I do like your list, and it is a good list, but you are missing one of the greatest eras in Rams History with the greatest show on turf.

      I became a Rams fan at the age of six in 99 and part of my problem is that I didn’t get the luxury of watching all of those guys play like Slater and Youngblood etc, and am more familiar with the more recent players, but that does not mean I am not familiar with who they are and what they did.

      There are so many great players that have played for the Rams it’s hard to pick just four and there really is no right four, it’s all a matter of opinion.

      Deacon for me is a given HE IS the Rams, Isaac Bruce is just a guy that I grew up watching and for me is one of the greatest Rams to ever play the game. Is he more superior to Fears, Hirsch or Holt? Yes I believe so. He is one of the best route runners of all time. He has the most receptions in Rams history, most receiving yards in Rams history, most receiving touchdowns in Rams history, and he owns the score that gave the Rams the lead to WIN the Super Bowl, he belongs on the list.

      The Rams have had so many great running backs, that I had to put one on there and for me it was Dickerson. Although I went back and fourth between him and Faulk, but I thought when you think of the great Rams running backs who do you think of? For me it was Dickerson.

      Mike Jones may be a bit of a crazy pick, I will admit that, as there were certainly better overall players, but had he not recognized Dyson coming over the middle and made that difficult tackle, that game goes to OT and who knows what happens. Thats why I put him on there but if I had to take him off and put someone else Id probably go with Merlin Olson or Jack Youngblood.

      • Steve Teets

        That makes sense Blaine. I fell in love with the Rams in 1968 at the age of 8, so I understand your views. My dog is named Warner, so that tells you I’m not dissing anybody form the greatest show on turf.

        I love Issac too. Absolutely killed me when he signed on with the 49ers that year. Worst visual of my life.
        And I get so mad when today’s pundits talk about the great running backs of all time and Dickerson just never gets there. Trust me, you’re too young to remember, but Dickerson was a beast. I was fortunate enough to see him live once in one of his 1984 games (at New Orleans) Awesome.

        • Steve Teets

          Ramblin Fan, thanks for this chance to talk Rams in the middle of February. I’d love to see some others weigh in.

          I will add this post to further “argue” my point, though I agree that all of these (except Mike Jones) are excellent picks:

          My list:
          Slater: 7 Pro Bowls, 3 1st Team All Pros, 2 2nd Team All Pros, NFL Record 20 years with single team
          Youngblood: 7 Pro Bowls, 5 1st Team All Pro, 3 2nd Team All Pro, DPOY 1975, 70′s All Decade Team
          Jones: 8 Pro Bowls, 5 !st Team All Pro, 3 2nd Team All Pro, DPOY, 1967 & 1968, 50th and 75th Anniversary Teams, 60′s All Decade Team
          Olsen: 14 Pro Bowls, 6 1st Team All Pro, 3 2nd Team All Pro, 60′s All Decade Team, 70′s All Decade Team , ROY 1962.

          Don’t diss Torry and Elroy quite yet:
          Bruce: 4 Pro Bowls. 1 2nd Team All Pro, Super Bowl Champ.
          Holt: 7 Pro Bowls, 1 1st Team All Pro, 1 2nd Team All Pro, 2000′s All decade team, Super Bowl Champ,

          While I understand Bruce is the career leader in most receiving categories, the era’s need to be taken into account and Hirsch stacks up favorably as far as career awards:
          Hirsch: 3 Pro Bowls, 2 1st Team All Pro, 50′s All Decade Team, NFL Champion.

          And we didn’t even talk about Dieter Brock :)

          • Blaine Grisak

            Im always up for talking Rams football. Must have been awesome seeing Dickerson. I saw the greatest show in turf play in 2001 and haven’t been to a game since 09. Looking to catch up though and see them play WAS and PHI next year.

            Your list is very good and you really can’t argue against it. If only you could put more than four people on the mountain. Im not only looking at the point of view of the four best players, but also the four players that best represent the Rams.

            We both have Deacon, I can’t take Bruce off he’s the greatest Rams receiver in my opinion and really should have gone to more pro bowls and gotten more all-pro selections that he did. A lot of it was due to the Rams being bad in Bruce’s early years. The guy missed the Pro Bowl in 95 after having 1700+ yards receiving which was second best that year behind Jerry Rice.

            Dickerson is the greatest Rams running back I can’t take him off, and if I did I would put Faulk in his place. The fourth and final spot is where I struggle, and at this point I think Id put Youngblood in my fourth spot.

  • Michael Grande

    Kurt, Marshall, Bruce & Holt… BRING BACK THE LOS ANGELES RAMS