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How Signing Kenny Britt Affects The 2014 NFL Draft For The St. Louis Rams


If you haven’t already heard the news about the long-awaiting “decision” from Kenny Britt, the St. Louis just signed the former 30th overall pick to a one-year, “show me” contract worth a mere $550,000 in guaranteed money. Aside from the miraculous story surrounding the re-signing of Rodger Saffold, Britt is obviously the Rams biggest “splash” in free agency. However, the signing raises as many questions as it does answers for the St. Louis Rams, especially with the 2014 NFL Draft quickly approaching. So, what does the signing really mean for the Rams? We’ll break it down here…


Gives St. Louis flexibility in the Top 10

While it may seem like that Rams were flexible prior to the signing, adding Kenny Britt to the roster truly allows the St. Louis Rams to employ the “Best Player Available” strategy with their opening pick in the Draft. With all the “smoke” blown into the air over the last couple of weeks by Jeff Fisher and Les Snead, it would be difficult for anyone to truly gauge the Rams target. However, most have speculated that either a wide receiver, offensive tackle, or pass rusher would be their selection, with most leaning towards Sammy Watkins. With two Top 25 offensive tackle and three Top 20 defensive ends on the roster, it is not difficult to see why many would point to receiver, especially considering the Rams haven’t had a 700+ yard pass catcher since Torry Holt was still sporting the golden horns. Now, with three former Top 33 wide receiver draftees on the roster (all 25 years of age or younger), the field has certainly leveled for the Rams to take whoever falls into their lap, wherever they end up picking in the Top 10.


Rams nearly guaranteed to trade out of No. 2 pick

What? How? Why? Prior to this evening, one could have made the argument that the St. Louis Rams were still in dire need of a dynamic receiver on the outside. In the mind of Jeff Fisher, Kenny Britt is, potentially, that guy. So, with no more immediate “needs” on the roster at positions of genuine value (i.e. QB, WR, OT, and edge rusher) in the Top 5, the St. Louis Rams should be more apt than ever to trade down and hoard more Top 100 picks in this year’s stacked draft class. Despite what the fans in Rams Nation might want, Les Snead, the man calling the shots, likes loves extra draft picks.


Gives St. Louis some leverage in trade negotiations

Piggy-backing off the previous two points, the St. Louis Rams should now be in a position to genuinely take the “best player available” at their spot, wherever it may be. When teams are no longer drafting for “need,” it should allot them more power in negotiations. For example, if the Atlanta Falcons wanted to move up to take Jadeveon Clowney, an obvious position of need for them, would the “trading up price” be lower or higher if the Falcons’ front office believed the Rams were honestly considering drafting Clowney for themselves?

Assuming that the general consensus around the league is that Kenny Britt filled the Rams only “need” at a position of value in the Top 5, it should give the Rams more leverage during negotiations; something along the lines of  a “Oh, I guess we could just stay here and take whichever player you were planning on drafting” card. Certainly a nice card to have…


Could “help” with the drafting of Sammy Watkins

Again… What? How? Why? It was blatantly obvious in the 2012 NFL Draft that the St. Louis Rams were eyeballing Justin Blackmon with the No.6 overall pick, following the miraculous trade down with the Washington Redskins. As a result, the Jacksonville Jaguars pounced on the chance to trade up, jumping the Rams in the order and snagging Blackmon with the No.5 pick in the draft. Assuming Sammy Watkins is the “main target” for St. Louis with their first pick, the signing of Kenny Britt could be the ultimate smoke screen for other teams that might have been considering jumping up the order to take the consensus top receiver prospect. No need to trade up, if the Rams have “crossed” wide receiver off of their big board, right? Sneaky.




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  • ricdram

    To me,this signing only pushes the existing Ram “red zone” WR comp. to another level.KB is a play maker but not a #1. BQuick ,APettis & KBritt are gonna battle for the BIG WR slot. My DREAM WR roster for 2014 :
    #4)KBritt,BQuick & APettis=”Show me in Camp”
    If we keep keep 5 WR > APettis is out.

    • tru

      Jus the thought of Watkins and Austin on the same team running the same plays. Either Britt or Givens stretching the field. Along wit Cook and Stacy. As long as we can keep Bradford upright, our offense can be one of the best in the league

      • Gary Stewart

        thought of that here as well watkins would be my 3rd choice at number 2 as i mentioned above to mack and robinson defense and running game a long tradition and by the way to all you people saying its become a passing league i say for the regular season it is but the teams winning the rings are doing it with defense and a running game look it up!!

    • Gary Stewart

      with watkins that makes 7 if the rams choose to keep 5 then two have to go my guess is pettis stays if we dont draft a watkins or evans if we do the rams will keep 6 and pettis is gone!!

      • ricdram

        I stand corrected Gary. I meant if we keep 6 then (imo) APettis is gone. Note> Lets not forget the dark horse WRs, Emory Blake & Justin Veltung. I really like Veltungs return capabilities. He can motor. GO RAMS !

        • Nathan Kearns

          I think it is safe to forget about the dark horse WRs at this point.

          Veltung did very little as a returner in relief of Tavon Austin last season, aside from provide one hilarious GIF after failing to call for a fair catch. Even if he had, Janoris Jenkins, Tavon Austin, and even Greg Reid are all better returnmen than Veltung, whose actual offensive value is negligible.

          As of right now, there are five Fisher draftees on the roster (including Britt). If they take Watkins/Evans, Pettis is gone. If not, he’ll stick. Either way, they’ll keep six on the 53-man roster this time around.

        • Gary Stewart

          got ya ric just figured it was a math thing lol. i to be honest hope we go in another direction than wr not one of our wr has as much nfl experience as vincent jackson had before he figured it out. in the old days 3-4 years was the norm to figure it out now they expect it to happen in year one!! even when the kid came out of school early lets get o line lb and secondary then worry about the receivers ok??

          • ricdram

            Gary we CAN’T LOSE in this draft.I’m ok with GRobinson @#2 & Ha-Ha @#13.
            We will dramatically improved in 2014.
            NOTE: cut me some slack, the batteries in my CALCULATOR were dead. ” lol ” !

          • Gary Stewart

            i live in arizona my calculator runs on sunlight heres my take on if they do not trade down at either #2 or #13 #2 in this order mack robinson watkins. #13 dix gilbert lewan martin

          • ricdram

            That’s funny Gary I live in LAKE HAVASU.
            I’m done speculating. Its fruitless. I have
            a new Directv Pkg. with The Sunday Ticket & DVR all for free. The NFC West is gonna go down to the wire & I will be there. >>>>>>>GO RAMS ! >>>>>>>

          • Gary Stewart

            maybe ill ride the harley over to watch a game keep in touch GO RAMS!!

          • ricdram

            Ride Safe Buddy . PEACE !

  • http://www.cnsqonline.com cesarnoel

    Adding a veteran has been what Jeff Fisher wanted since the last two year and they finally got it in Kenny Britt who is motivated to have a bounce back year with the coach who knows his talent and skills. the Rams can still draft Sammy Watkins or Mike Evan but the proposition is not that dire now than before the signing of Britt. I won’t be surprise if he drafts Clowney if he’s available because Fisher has a penchant for pass rushers or he could go with any of the two elite OT’s in Jake Mathews or Greg Robinson.