Dec 15, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams wide receiver Chris Givens (13) carries the ball against the New Orleans Saints during the first half at the Edward Jones Dome. Mandatory Credit: Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Pre Draft Position Overview: Wide Receiver

Leading up to the draft we are going to take a look at every position to see what the Rams have at the position, what the Rams need at the position, if they should draft somebody at the position, and lastly a position grade. Earlier this week we took a look at the running back position. Today we will look at the wide receiver position as we cover the rest of the offense throughout the week.

What The Rams Have

1. Chris Givens

2. Austin Pettis

3. Tavon Austin

4. Brian Quick

5. Stedman Bailey

6. Kenny Britt


The Rams have a lot of depth at the wide receiver position. Their only problem is that they don’t have that one guy that stands out from the group. They are missing that number one receiver. As of right now, that burden will lie with Chris Givens, and at this point, you can’t put much trust in him being that guy.

Austin Pettis has been Mr. Reliable. He doesn’t make plays consistently, but he does make plays when he is needed. You can argue that Pettis may be the guy that Bradford has the most faith in. The Rams do have 6 receivers on the roster right now, and with the possibility that the Rams could draft a receiver, Pettis may be on his way out of St. Louis.

Last year’s rookie receivers Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey, both showed promise. The Rams will continue to look into using both players more consistently as both players can make plays. Austin is said to have had a disappointing rookie year, but it really wasn’t as bad as many think. As for Bailey, if Pettis is to leave and Givens continues to struggle, he could work his way into the starting lineup.

Brian Quick and Kenny Britt are really the unknowns in the receiving corps. Both players have all the potential in the world, but yet, both seem to struggle on the field. If both can step up and play like the players that they are, the Rams will have some dangerous match ups for opponents.


What The Rams Need

This one is pretty simple, but is easier said than done. The Rams need a number one receiver that can draw the attention of the defense. Whether that is with somebody already on the roster or somebody that they draft is unknown, but the Rams need a number one guy for Sam Bradford.

The Rams haven’t had a 1,000 yard receiver since Torry Holt, and have really struggled at the position since then. It’s time for somebody to step up and be that guy.


Should The Rams Address This Need In The Draft?

The Rams have 12 draft picks in a draft that is very deep at the wide receiver position. Not to mention they have two picks in the top 15 with the ability to draft one of the top two receivers in the draft. The Rams definitely should address this need in the draft, and they should consider addressing this need in the first round.

Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans are special players, and if the Rams were to pass on both of them, the entire fan base would probably go up in arms. Not to say there aren’t special players later in the draft, but the Rams need players that can come in and make a difference now.


Grade: B

The Rams have all the potential in the world at the wide receiver position. At this point it’s about players stepping up and making plays. The Rams should consider addressing this need in the first round, but they do have a good group of guys at the position as is, it’s just time for them to step up.


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  • UhhDuhh

    Rams were 27th in passing offense and 29th in receiving. Cook was the highest rated receiver in the NFL and he was 59th! On top of that, he’s a TE not a WR. If that doesn’t beg for drafting a true #1 WR, I don’t know what does.

    • ricdram

      So what you are saying is . . .

      • UhhDuhh

        Watkins at #2.

    • cesarnoel

      hmm the 2013 Seahawks are 26th in the passing offense and Golden Tate was #32 and Doug Baldwin was #46. the 2000 Ravens are #20 in passing offense and their top receiver was Qadry ISmail at #49 but both teams won Superbowls.

      • UhhDuhh

        Disagree. They were kind of forced to go run first because Bradford got hurt and Clemens could not hit the side of a building. When he did, the buildings dropped the ball. Running the ball was not a problem last year. It was throwing on third down. Third and long, you can’t run Stacy no matter who your left tackle is.

        • cesarnoel

          That’s why Les Snead said they need experience and maturity among their young WR corp. Their is no guarantee if a rookie WR would be elite in the NFL. Jared Cook is basically on his 1st year under Schotty.

          HOw can use have an effective passing game if the O-line is so porous your QB is running for his life most of the time.

          • UhhDuhh

            OL was not bad. 8th in sacks allowed is top 25% of the league. Its the WR’s who could not get open on third down. Rams 3rd down conversion was 28th in the league reflecting a weak passing game.

          • cesarnoel

            There are 3 players that are no longer in the roster: Chris Williams, Shelley Smith and Harvey Dahl. At least the the RG spot is being address when Saffold returned. the ranking of 8th in sacks is no longer viable when the players who contributed for that rank is no longer in the roster. Even with Jake Long back and Scott Wells back you don’t know if they can play the whole season and the Rams current depth is not that reliable for now. While the WR’s who you say are 28th in the league has more chance of improving true experience and better training camp. It’s understandable that they would struggle initially but with experience these player will improve.

          • UhhDuhh

            You said the OL is so porous that the QB is running for his life so I pointed out that they were 8th in sacks allowed which shows they were not as porous as you thought. Now you say Williams, Smith and Dahl are gone so 8th in sacks allowed is not viable but they were 8th with those guys playing which shoots down your own argument. If they are gone, does this mean you go OG in the first round when there are good OG’s available in round 3 and on? Torry Holt last played for the Rams in ’08, six long years ago. How long do you recommend we wait for the WR’s to get experience while we wait for your new OL draftees to get experience?

          • cesarnoel

            It’s not sacks alone that counts when your O-Line is not good. It contributes to more 3 and outs, less time for the quarterbacks to read progression, Running backs not having good running lanes. You referenced Torry Holt, take note that without an all-pro Offensive Tackle like Orlando Pace (who they drafted in 1997) Kurt Warner or Trent Green or any QB won’t last in the pocket to be able to pass the ball to Torry Holt or Isaac Bruce. Heck the reason Jeff Fisher and Les Snead sign Jake Long is to provide the Rams a talented player in an offensive line that has lack talent since 2001. I respect your opinion on wanting another playmaking Wide Receiver like Watkins but if it takes a Jake Mathews (who are versatile enough to play any position in the O-line) or Greg Robinson (who can also play OG) in the 1st round would give Zac Stacy a thousand plus yards and protect Sam Bradford enough to make plays by passing the ball to Tavon Austin, Chris Givens or Brian Quick, then I’d rather have them take than long term investment.

          • UhhDuhh

            Hey Cesar, let’s just agree to disagree on this one. We both want what is best for the Rams in the end and no matter what we think, Snead and Fisher make the call. I just hope the whole draft is a good one this year. Peace out.