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Make Your Greatest Rams Roster Of All-Time

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Recently Ball Is Life got a lot of basketball fans talking by giving a $15 cap limit to create an all-time great basketball roster.


I put together a similar system for you to create your all-time great Rams roster. Obviously there are more players on a football roster. Using the same ratio of dollars to players, you will have a $66 salary cap or an average of three dollars per player. Being a young Rams fan, I may have accidentally left someone off. Feel free to steal a player and you don’t have to pay for them.

You are about to get the opportunity that you have always been waiting for. Are you ready to create your all-time great Rams roster? Here you go.

Position Breakdown













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  • Gary Stewart

    is there a way to click on the guys we want and do it by computer or is it just write em down and add em up yourself??

    • Blaine Grisak

      More of an add it up and do it yourself, definitely makes things difficult. The basketball version is a lot simpler with only five guys compared to 22.

  • Gary Stewart

    too much for me today but i will post mine in a day or so you can compare and we can comment on the differences sound good??

    • Blaine Grisak

      I look forward to it!

  • UhhDuhh

    I believe Cromwell was a safety most of his career. Also, would like to see Jack Snow on the WR list and take Hacksaw off since he defected to the Niners and won the Super Bowl twice with them. Other than that, pretty good list.

  • Gary Stewart

    gabriel, faulk, holt, flipper, truax, cook, pace, slater, timmerman, saffold, mccollum total 29 on offense

    jack youngblood, dryer, olsen, grier, robertson, jim youngblood, hacksaw, cromwell, thomas, elmendorf , and atogwe 37 dollars of defense total 66

    • Blaine Grisak

      Not too shabby there Gary!