May 16, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams running back Tre Mason (27) during rookie minicamp at Rams Park. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Tre Mason Needs To Do His Talking On The Field

Over the past week Rams rookie running back Tre Mason has been making his fair share of unnecessary rookie noise. It first started when Mason  said that he’ll compete for a starting job which was backed up by coach Jeff Fisher.

I don’t doubt this, Fisher is going to start the better player and the hot hand. He proved this last season when he benched the struggling Daryl Richardson in favor of Zac Stacy, which ended up being his best move last season.

However, where things may be getting is of hand and have started to get interesting is  Mason recently said, “10 carries, all I need. 10 for a 100 yards.”

Confidence is great, and I’m all for it. I’d rather a player like Mason that exudes confidence and doesn’t just accept things the way they are than a player that is o.k. with just sitting on the bench. There is a point however when all the confidence talk goes from confidence talk to a distraction, and this is nearing that line slowly but surely.

What Mason needs to realize is that the player ahead of him, Zac Stacy, almost rushed for 1,000 yards himself as a rookie and was really the star of the team, therefore taking that starting role for himself isn’t going to be an easy task. Jeff Fisher also said earlier in the offseason that he sees Stacy as a “70% of the carries kind of guy”.

This isn’t Auburn anymore, racking up 304 yards off of a whopping 46 carries most likely won’t happen, nor will averaging 129 yards per game. Not to say that isn’t at all possible, but Mason will be playing in the NFC West, a division in which every team ranked in the top ten in run defense last season.

Mason is saying all of this and he has yet to set foot in a live action NFL-level game. The Rams have yet to take the field in OTA’s, and have only gone through basic minicamp.  If I were Mason I’d keep quiet until he has something to back his talk up with. He’s shown he can talk the talk, now let’s just hope he can walk the walk.



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  • Natedogg265

    You wasted an hour on “10 carries is all I need”? Too much free time.

    Some people worry too much.

    • ricdram

      Blaine was not happy with the Tre Mason pick.
      (I remember his blog reaction). Besides he was
      a DRichardson fan. So was I. That being said
      the Rams MUST improve the roster ASAP. The
      Rams are in the NFC West. We need to go toe
      to toe with 3 tough division rivals. We need other young Turks on this team to step up,
      & take someone to the rim & dunk it their face.
      MOXIE is the word. GO RAMS >>>>>>>>>>>>

      • Natedogg265

        So DRich getting cut didn’t help much, huh? lol

        That adds up and makes sense. Thanks!

        I hate being in the cellar, but I started to get excited last off-season and it’s only grown this year. We’re close.

  • MichaelNupe Thompson

    Hey he was told by the coaches he was going to compete to be the starter. I would think that would give any rookie all types of confidence.I like his confidence. Rams need more of that confident nature around there

    • ricdram

      I agree with you MNP. I’m OK with a little
      Rams Swagger/Confidence. BRING IT TRE !

      • MichaelNupe Thompson

        Yeaaaa dam right

  • Nathan Kearns

    Personally, I absolutely love the comments…

    …then again, I had previously mocked the St. Louis Rams “stealing” Tre Mason with the No.44 overall pick.

    At some point, the overly-humble, obviously-rehearsed lines from most of the draftees gets old. Mason, like the rest of the rookies, has expressed their “greatful for the opportunity” side, now it is time to turn it up! Not on does his borderline-cocky confidence show faith in his own abilities, but also in the offensive line and the coaching staff. Too much bragging is never a good thing, but these comments are fine in my book

    • Gary Stewart

      and we got tre at 75 i am loving the pick keep the rbs fresh its fishers style except with eddie george all the rest of the time he liked committee running i see this year as no different!!

  • James Mullen

    I remember Pead, after his atrocious rookie season, coming back and telling everyone he was going to show everyone that they didn’t waste a 2nd rd. pick on him. He was going to play with a chip on his shoulder. I remember he got his 1st carry and promptly fumbled. Why are we holding onto this guy & maybe Tre should study this guys remarks & tude a little. After all his game film with the College of Cinn. was pretty good. For rookies, it’s time to watch, listen & learn.