The St. Louis "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Superhero: The Ram

On August 1, the latest Marvel Comic series-turned-blockbuster movie will hit theaters. This time around, the storyline is based on the “Guardians of the Galaxy,” a ensemble of alien beings that includes  a cocky human pilot, a behemoth, recently-resurrected headhunter, and led by a genetically-manipulated raccoon and his humanoid plant-creature companion.

Right now, you might be asking yourself, “What does any of this have to do with the St. Louis Rams?”

Well, for nearly a decade, the Rams have been looking for a “hero” to pull them out of the basement of the NFC West and bring the historic franchise back into “the light” that was Greatest Show on Turf era. After Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk had moved on, Steven Jackson was the lone ranger keeping St. Louis from replicating the 2008 Detroit Lions’ 0-16 record. In 2010, Sam Bradford gave the Rams some spark, but has yet to truly catch flame and take the team back into the hunt for the Lombradi Trophy.

So, who could be the savior?

David Rappoccio, from The Draw Play, put his artistic talents and creativity to work in an effort to formulate a “superhero” for each team in the NFL. Who did he come up with to save to St. Louis Rams?

The Ram

A ram kept on a farm for breeding purposes broke free and ate some government-altered grass, then turned into a big hulking brute who destroyed an entire town faster than anyone had ever seen before. It didn’t take long to contain the beast, but in recent years researchers have begun to worry that The Ram is gaining in strength and may burst forth again.

Fittingly, The Ram is a (hopeful) metaphor for the actual Rams headed into the 2014 regular season. With the potential for a Top 5 defense, some regained health on the offensive side of the football, and a myriad of young, explosive playmakers waiting to “breakout” in the league, could this be the year that The Ram(s) will “burst forth again”?

To check out all 32 superheros, head over to “The Rotation.” For more work by David Rappoccio, you can follow him on Twitter at @DrawPlayDave or view his website, “The Draw Play.”

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