Jul 25, 2014; Earth City, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long (91) signs an autograph after practice at Rams Park. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Has The Epic Twitter Saga Between Chris Long And Tavon Austin Finally Ended?

For those who haven’t joined the world of Twitter, you might not know exactly what has transpired this past offseason between Rams veteran defensive end, Chris Long, and second-year offensive weapon, Tavon Austin. While there are certainly a handful of other notable St. Louis Rams that are active on social media, including the team’s All-Pro punter, few are more active and interactive than the tandem of Chris and Tavon.

To preface, Chris Long is one of the best follows in the NFL, regularly posting pictures, responding to fans, and giving opinions on all sorts of topics. However, some of his better moments have been in a pseudo-Twitter war with Tavon Austin.

The first scent of “beef” came back in April, when then infamous “wya” tweet was shot at Chris Long. After an unnecessary clarification from Long that the two teammates were merely joking, the Twitter gold continued to pour in over the following months. One of the more hilarious  moments came in earlier June, sparked by Tavon tweeting out:  “Remember nothing is free in life!!!” Chris Long jumped on that opportunity to prove Tavon wrong, while giving back to the fans with some “free” tickets to the home opener.

Aside from those epic battles, Chris Long has dropped some other gems at the expense of Tavon Austin. Here are some of the best:

However, like all things in life, the good times must inevitably come to an end. Yesterday, in a one-on-two interview with St. Louis Rams reporter, Casey Phillips, Chris Long and Tavon Austin agreed to a social media “cease fire.” While the full terms of the agreement are still unknown, we do know that part of the negotiation involved Tavon Austin shouting out Chris Long on Instagram. In return, Long promised to stop unleashing his comedy gold on the world.

The “cease fire” comes a convenient time in the season, when most players drastically cut down on their social media usage as they prepare for the start of the regular season. Will this truly be the last we’ve seen of Chris Long and Tavon Austin on Twitter? We hope not…

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow Chris Long at @JOEL9ONE and Tavon Austin at @Tayaustin01. If you’re not on Twitter, what are you waiting for…?

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