St. Louis Rams Post-Game Roundtable: Preseason Game 2 vs. Packers

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This is the second edition of RamblinFan’s St. Louis Rams Post-Game Roundtable, where co-editors Nathan Kearns (@nkearns12) and Blaine Grisak (@bxgrisak1993), and staff-writer (and co-editor at LASportsHub) Anthony Khoury (@askmeabouthelaw), gather ’round to weigh in on five of the most pressing issues to arise from the Rams’ most recent game.

This week, the Roundtable will cover the Rams’ 21-7 loss in their second preseason game at home against the Green Bay Packers. So let’s jump right in…

1. Sam Bradford made his return to the field after tearing his ACL last October–he looked tentative on the first drive, but seemed to really settle in on the second drive, which culminated in a TD strike to Lance Kendricks. Do you expect Bradford to pick up where he left off last season and post career-high numbers?

Aug 16, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford (8) attempts a pass against the Green Bay Packers during the first half at Edward Jones Dome. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony K.: In terms of his passing statistics last season before getting injured, Bradford was on track to post career-high numbers almost completely across the board–his completion percentage was at 60.7%, he was projected to surpass the 3,702 passing yards he posted in 2012, he was projected to finish with more than 30 passing touchdowns, and only about 10 interceptions. His passer rating was also at a career-high at 90.9.
With his extremely young receiving corps having another year of experience under their collective belt, and with the addition of Kenny Britt, along with a revamped offensive line, and deeper backfield, Bradford certainly seems poised to take the next step in his development. It probably doesn’t hurt that he’s also playing for a new contract.
Nathan K.: Well, not sure that I want him to pick up where he left off last year, in terms of winning percentage, but, aside from that, absolutely.
As mentioned, Bradford appeared to ease himself into the passing game on the opening drive, managing 38 passing yards on a handful of check-downs and short yardage throws. On the second drive, it seemed like the playbook opened up, completing 4 of 5 attempts, including deep pass to Brian Quick and the pinpoint touchdown throw to Lance Kendricks. He showed everything we needed to see from him: poise, accuracy, and, most importantly, confidence in his knee and his arm.
I fully expect Bradford to set career-highs (and lows, in areas like interceptions) in a number of areas. Hopefully, those will translate to wins and not just individual accolades.

Blaine G.Bradford played well on that second drive which was very promising and sort of lifted some weight off of Rams Nation’s shoulders. However, I think it’s unfair to expect Bradford to put up those same numbers as thats simply not the Rams’ identity. What I do expect is to throw the ball with poise and confidence.

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