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Nathan Kearns is a graduate of John Carroll University, with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Statistics. Nathan has been with Ramblin’ Fan since August 2012. He is an avid fan and follower of the St. Louis Rams, and spends much of his free time either watching, debating, or playing sports.

Feel free to follow his sports takes on Twitter (@nkearns12) or drop him an e-mail at [email protected]


Blaine Grisak is a sophomore at Gwynned-Mercy University studying communications in hopes to become a professional sports writer. He has been the co-editor at Ramblin’ Fan since March of 2013 and is also a staff writer at Inside the Iggles. Blaine is an die-hard fan and follower of the St. Louis Rams, and spends most of his time playing or talking sports.

Feel free to follow his sports takes on Twitter (@bxgrisak1993) or drop him an e-mail at [email protected]


Ramblin’ Fan Contributers

Troy Vandenbark was born and raised in Idaho, where the closest professional football team was the Seattle Seahawks. Growing up he was always a “players fan”, he used to root for the Cowboys because of Emmitt Smith and running back has always been his favorite position. When his two favorite players were Marshall Faulk and Torry Holt he evolved into a Rams fan. Unfortunately his true Rams fan status started around the 2002 season and has been a bumpy ride ever since. You can reach him via Twitter @troilus22 or directly at [email protected]


Anthony S. Khoury is a criminal defense attorney who specializes in DUI defense cases. He’s been an athlete, coach, and sports fan, dating back as far as his childhood in the mid-1980s. He followed the Rams from LA to St. Louis in 2001, and as a Southern California native, has been a loyal fan of the Dodgers, Lakers, and LA Kings since the ’80s, as well. He graduated with honors from UCLA in 2001, and graduated from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law in 2004. He has dabbled in fantasy sports since 1996, and is always eager to talk about sports with other fans and athletes. You can reach him via Twitter @askmeabouthelaw or directly at [email protected]


Ben Harvey You can reach him on Twitter @GoHarvsOrGoHome or directly at [email protected]




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