Rams Face off against Raiders Tonight (Just a quickie preview)


Tonight, the St. Louis Rams get ready for that all important third preseason game against the Oakland Raiders in the black hole. Kickoff is scheduled for 10:00 P.M. EST. Tonight will be a big night for Rams fans everywhere because they will finally get to witness what their team will look like in 2007. For about the first three quarters (According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch), Rams fans will see the starters play against the Oakland Raiders.

The Rams are currently 1-1 in the preseason, with no big news to report out of training camp. They enter this game knowing that they will finally see the kind of play they will get in the regular season and that’s why this game is of great importance. In their last preseason game, they got crushed by the San Diego Chargers at home, but hey, its only the preseason and hopefully if the Rams do ever have to face the Chargers again (It would have to be in the Super Bowl), they will be able to play better.

At the start of last season, it seemed that the Rams production in the red zone on offense was doomed. The same issue looms this year in the preseason, as the starting offense has yet to score a touchdown. But Rams head coach Scott Linehan takes it in stride.

“Last year, you (reporters) were all on my case about our red-zone offense, and that we weren’t ever going to score a touchdown in the whole season,” Linehan said.

The Rams offense ended up finishing sixth in total offense and were in the top five in red zone offense. Just goes to show you, the preseason means almost nothing.