Rams 2007: Offense


The St. Louis Rams, according to many have an excellent offense, even one that may be suitable for the Super Bowl. With big playmakers, and consistency throughout, the Rams can have another power year on offense in 2007. Scouting reports based on starters only.

*Quarterback-Marc Bulger had a great season last year, his first elite season as an NFL qb. He threw 24 td passes and also threw for over 4000 yards. Surprisingly enough, the most amount of completions he had came in the Monday Night loss to the Bears, as Bulger completed a pass 35 times. One bright spot for Bulger is his ability to throw the ball into very tight coverage with accuracy. Sometimes, however, he can get a little carried away with himself and he ends up throwing into double coverage or more. He has also been known to try to do too much with the football in his hands. He needs to be able to recognize more open receivers on the field.

*Running Back-Steven Jackson is the starter for the Rams in the back field entering the season and this could very well be his best year as an NFL player. The guy has all the right tools to be a superstar in this league. He has strength, and size, which I believed are overlooked attributes when people look at what a runner needs to display. Action also possesses good foot quickness. The one thing I admire about this guy is he is very persistent in the way he plays the game. He will drag a defensive back for yards after immediate contact but he will not be brought down. Jackson is a hard working football player.

*Wide Receivers- Torry Holt was one of the best wideouts in the game last season, scoring ten touchdowns and catching the ball 93 times. This year, expect similar to better numbers from the all pro as his athletic ability seems to prove he is still in the best shape of his life. Also at wide receiver the Rams signed Drew Bennett, former premier man on the Titans. The thing about this guy is he is very young, and he could have the best year of his career if he’s healthy. He has tremendous height, something you need to have as a receiver, and hes got the tools on offense around him to have an excellent season. Let’s face it. Isaac Bruce is simply not what he once was. But he can still play a role in this offense. The guy did have a pretty decent year, catching 74 balls and scoring three touchdowns along the way. I still believe he can perform like the guy right behind Holt for that second receiver slot. Bennett is young, he still needs some time. Bruce has had his time and he knows what he’s doing. And he can still do it.

*Offensive Line- The Rams starting o-line took a big hit when Todd Steussie was placed on injured reserve on September 2. Replacing him will be 23 year-old Mark Setterstrom. Setterstrom is a two year veteran and he will be playing left outside guard. He is scouted as good at changing direction with size and athletic ability. He is listed as a developmental player on ESPN.com so this is a big step for him. Orlando Pace will be playing next to Setterstrom at the left outside tackle position where he has been since the beginning of his career. Pace is one of the best offensive linemen in the league with a tantalizing frame, and a well balanced combination of size, strength, and athletic ability according to ESPN.com. Brett Romberg replaces Andy McCollum at the starting center spot this season. Romberg is in his fourth year in the league and shows angles of versatility about him. Playing right outside guard this season for St. Louis is Richie Incognito. Incognito is 27 years old and is still only in his third NFL season. He has a fierce two arm punch and protects against the pass very well. Finally playing right outside tackle is Alex Barron. Barron has shown lots of improvements in his three years as an NFLer since becoming the Rams first round pick in 2005. When the ball is snapped, Barron shows his tough initial speed to get to the ball.

So there’s my 2007 Rams offensive preview. Within the next few days, there will be an opening day preview as we get ready to face the Panthers to open the season on September 9.