Rams Niners Game Thread


This is my first time doing this, but I am going to do the best I can at reporting to you what goes on for the St. Louis Rams this afternoon against the Niners. It is currently 10:47 a.m. In St. Louis. As they game gets closer to kick off, I will give you my thoughts on the Rams and Niners.

10:49- I am watching Sunday NFL countdown on ESPN and I see across the bottom line that the Rams will not have Tye Hill or Richie Incognito today. This is just another reminder of what to expect from my team today. Not good things, I’ll tell you that much.

10:57- I just checked the status of Drew Bennett and he will play today for St. Louis. This makes me very happy as Bennett did not play last week and I beleive he was one of the reasons the Rams lost in their opener.

11:46- Rams kick off in about thirteen minutes. No breaking news as of late but anything I find out I will post immediately. Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger will have the call on Fox. Frank Gore’s mom passed away this past Wednesday and my thoughts go out to the Gore family. To be honest, I don’t want Gore to do good today but I will feel for him.

11:54-Well, the fake field has loaded on the NFL.com game center page as Rams Niners get set to kickoff in about five minutes. I am very excited for the start of the game. My next post will analyze the kickoff!

12:03- Jeff Wilkins has kicked it off to San Francisco and the game has officially begun! First and 10 for the Niners at their own 20. Now Frank Gore runs two yards. Second and 8.

12:05- Rams linebacker Brandon Chillar made the tackle on Gore. Now on second and 8 Alex Smith completes an 11 yard pass to Arnaz Battle. First down Niners at their own 20 after a bad face mask penalty on the Rams. Sloppy play by St. Louis. That results in a first down.

12:07- After a couple more plays, the Rams cause a punt and Dante Hall returns it to the Rams 26. Hall had a great week last week I remember he returned a punt for 83 yards. And now Bulger gets sacked.

12:09-Now Action runs for 2 yards. So its third and nine. Bulger passes to Randy McMichael 14 yards for a first down. He was injured during the play.

12:11- A couple more plays later, it is second and six for the Rams and Bulger is sacked again. Early on, the new Rams O line does not look good. And Bulger is sacked AGAIN!! Man our o line sucks.

12:13-Now on fourth down the Rams punt, Donnie Jones is our new punter and he kicks it to the 33 and there was a fumble on the return. RAMS RECOVER!! St. Louis ball at the Niner 25.

12:14-Steven runs it up the middle for nine yeards and then an eight yard run that puts the Rams at the Niner 8 yard line. Were goin in BABY!!

12:15-Now its first and goal, Rams on the 49ers eight yard line.  Action runs for a loss of a yard. Now Bruce losses three yards on a completion. Second and goal on the 49ers nine.

12:16-TOUCHDOWN RAMS!! Bulger to HOLT BABY WERE ON THE BOARD!! A 12 yard catch. This is great stuff, we need to score early and often.

12:18-Wilkins kicks it through. 7-0 St. Louis!! A big fumble on that punt by Donnie Jones secured the big drive for the Rams. I like the play of the defense so far. Great stuff.

12:20- Wilkins kicks it off to the 49ers and they get to their 34 yard line. So right away the Niners have great field position. Isn’t that great Rams fans? 6:04 left in the first.

12:21-On first and ten for the Niners,  Alex Smith throws an incomplete pass deep to Darrell Jackson. The Rams still have to deal with him as he stays in the division. So it’s second and ten and Gore runs for three yards. Third and seven and another incomplete pass: FOURTH DOWN WE STOPPED EM!!

12:24-So we will have a punt to the Rams, a fair catch at the 12.

12:25-So it’s first down for St. Louis. Bulger completes one to Jackson for a six yard gain. Second and 4. Jackson always plays a big part in the passing game. 

12:27-Bulger goes deep to Bruce, incomplete. Man Bulger, get one of these throws to be completed!! Another incomplete pass to newcomer Drew Bennett  on third and four. So it’s fourth and four. Expect a punt from Jones.

12:29-So on fourth and four from the Rams 18 yardline, there is a punt but a defensive holding on the Rams Chris Massey. So it will be a redue punt on the Rams nine yardline.

12:31- A bad punt by Jones to the Rams 39 so the Niners get the ball inside Rams territory. We better stop them on D. O wait there was a penalty, an interference with the fair catch and that’s what brought the Niners into Rams territory. SLOPPY PLAY.

12:33-On first down Smith gets a three yard pass into the hands of Gore. Second and seven.

12:35-Smith completes one to Jackson, first down Niners a ten yard gain. Ball on the Rams 26 yard line. Penalties kill.

12:36-The Niners are in the red zone after another Niners pass to some guy I’ve never heard of. Now its second and goal at the one. We need a goal line stand.

12:36-Looks like we might stop em. Third and one as we stopped Gore. Come on baby, stop em. Looks like we’ll have to wait. First quarter is over.

12:40- Touchdown Niners. Frank Gore ran it in. Once again, the problem is penalties. Penalties can ruin a team’s chances at winning. Extra point makes it 7-7.

12:42- So the Rams will get the ball back and we need to keep scoring.

12:43- Kickoff to Hall and he returns it to the Rams 21.

12:44- First and ten for the Rams on their own 21 yard line. I notice that it’s sunny and 78 degrees in St. Louis. But its a dome so WHO CARES??

12:46- Nine yard run for Action on first. That’s the way, my boy. Second and one. And on second and one false start on who other then the man who replaced Orlando Pace, Alex Barron.

12:47- So it’s gonna be second and six after the penalty and Bulger FINALLY completes a good throw to Holt. A 14 yard gain, FIRST DOWN STL!! And Action runs for two yards, second and eight.

12:48- Second and eight on the Rams 41 and deep pass to Bruce is COMPLETE!! YESSSS. Finally a deep pass is complete!! First down on the SF 37.

12:49- Steven runs for four yards. Second and six. SF 33. Bulger throws one incomplete to Bruce. So its third and six. We should be able to get a field goal if nothing else.

12:51- Delay of game on Bulger makes it third and 11. So we will have to get a first down or at least some yards here to have a chance at three points. Another FREAKIN PENALTY. BULGER BIG PASS COMPLETE!!! First down on the SF 12 BABY. HE DID IT!! HE CAME UP BIG!! YEAH.

12:52- Now its second and nine. Jackson runs for two yards and it’s third and seven. Ball on the Niners 9. We need a touchdown. We can’t settle for three but we’ll have to as Bulger was looking for Bennett but couldn’t connect. Fourth and seven.

12:54- 27 yard FG is good. 10-7 Rams. 9:04 to go in the half. Aright, at least we got some point. I am very happy that Bulger came through in the clutch for us on that third and 11 play. We needed that big time!

12:57- Wilkins kicks it off and the Niners get it to their 18. Our defense starts out in a good position.

12:58- So its first and ten for the 49ers. And of course a big play for San Francisco. Smith big pass to Gore at the Rams 41. First down Niners and they bring back Gore 3 yards.

1:00- Smith throws it to Battle and it’s third and four. on the Rams 32. And a big BRING BACK as Smith is sacked for a HUGE LOSS of thirteen yards. We will se a punt. Rams ball now on their own eight. GO DEFENSE BABY.

1:02- So it’s first down for the Rams. Hall fair caught it at the Rams eight. Bulger deep pass to Holt good for 18 yards FIRST DOWN RAMS. Bulger throws one incomplete now to McMichael. Second down.

1:05- Bulger threw it to Action and he ran it for 20 yards. YESS!!! Their on their own 46. Good short throw to Jackson and big run. Now Bulger throws it to rookie Brian Leonard, a seven yard gain baby. Good stuff. second and three.

1:07- Now Travis Minor runs the ball!! First down on a four yard gain.  Another big completion for BULGER!!! This time to Brucey!! Good for 27 yards. Rams in the red zone at the SF 16.

1:08- Rams take their first timeout with 3:15 to go in the half. Boy, the Rams are playing great today so far. Yes, penalties are not going in the Rams favor but still, the offense is doing GREAT. I also like what I’m seeing from the D. On first down Bulger completes one to Aaron Walker and its second and goal. Now it’s third and goal on the SF 11. Come on now we need a touchdown.

1:10- Two minute warning.

1:13- Now its fourth and goal as Bulger throws one incomplete to Bennett who still hasn’t caught a pass. Field goal Rams. A 29 yarder from Wilkins. 13-7 St. Louis. Good stuff, Boys. Good stuff. 1:55 to go in the half.

1:15- After the kickoff its first down for the 49ers on their own 47. Another bad special teams play for St. Louis. Gore gets a one yard run. Second and nine.

1:17- Third and nine baby, we stopped em! Smith threw one incomplete. to Battle. Ron Bartell deflected it.

1:18- Fourth down and six. Rams will get the ball back. Niners will punt from their own 39 yard line. Punt to the Rams 22, but its too late cuz it’s halftime in St. Louis! Rams 13 Niners 7.

1:34- Aright I’m back as it’s now first and ten for the Rams on their first drive of the second half. Bulger just threw his first completion to Drew Bennett for 19 yards. Now its second and seven after a three yard run from Steve.

1:35- Second and seven at the Rams 44. Bulger is sacked and fumbles but its recovered by the Niners who regain field position at the Rams 43. Gore runs on first down for 1 yard. Second and nine. More sloppy play by the Rams.

1:36-  Gore got four yards so it’s third down and lets see if the defense can get us the ball back. SMITH IS SACKED!! It’s gonna be Rams ball!

1:38- Hall fair caught the punt at the Rams 13. Last time the Rams scored, they had the ball at their own 8 to begin the drive. This is a similar situation. First and ten at the Rams 13.

1:40- Bruce caught a four yard pass making it second and six. So a nice start to the drive. Action runs it six yards, first down St. Louis. Short yardage plays are showing to be good for the Rams.

1:42- So it’s first down at the Rams 23. Another big pass to Bruce, BABY!! YEAHH!!!. A 37 yard pass to Bruce from Bulger. First down at the Niner 40. Jackson runs it one yard. Second and nine on the 49ers 39.

1:44- Bulger complete to Bennett again! He’s pushed out of bounds at the SF 28. First down St. Louis. Another turnover. Fumble by Torry Holt and Nate Clements recovers. First down Niners on their own 20. Man, this SUCKS.

1:46- Holt had trhe ball in the freakin endzone! Smith went short for Jackson and it was incomplete. Second and ten. Man, our D has been our savior today. Big completion on second down for Smith to Jackson for 17. First down Niners on their own 37.

1:48- Gore ran for eight yards, second and two. I can’t beleive what has happened in the last couple of minutes.

1:49- Now its third and one, we better stop them! Well, we didn’t. First down, 49ers. Pass completion by Smith. Good thing it was only a two yard pass so not a huge gain. They’re at the STL 48.

1:50- Nice play!! Smith threw it complete but we brought them back 8 yards! Second and 18 and now they run it for seven yards so its third and 11. Ball on the Rams 47 yard line.

1:52- It’s fourth and one and the Rams take a timeout. I’m, wondering if the Niners will go for it here.

1:53- WOW WOW WOW. They go for it and Gore runs 43 yards for the TD. 14-13 49ers. WOOOOOW.

1:55- Come on Rams, we have to score. This is exactly what happened last week against the Panthers. We were winning 13-7 and then we were losing. Rams return it to their own 16. First down.

1:58- Bulger throws one incomplete. I am still in shock of what has happened. And a nice completion to Bruce! First down at the Rams 39. Bruce is having a great game.

2:01- It’s now second and eight as Jackson gets two yards. First and ten baby! Jackson reels in a nine yard reception, his second of the game. And then the Rams are pushed back as Jackson loses two yards. Second and 12. Now its third and five as Bulger once again completes one to Jackson, a seven yard gain. Third and five. Third quarter is done in the Gateway city. 

2:06- Bulger throws one incomplete. Fourth and five and the Rams will punt. THIS SUCKS.

2:07- Punt goes to the SF 18. Ok, this isn’t bad. So it’s first down San Fran. We need the defense to hold them. This is very important.

2:09- Ok the Niners get a four yard run by Gore. Second and six. Ball on the SF 22. Smith throws one incomplete and its third and six. Come on BOYS!!

2:11- We stopped em!! Fourth and six!! Were getting the ball back!!!! A great punt to the Rams 8. Last time they had the ball at their own 8, they scored. Let’s see it happen again.

2:13- Bulger throws complete to Leonard!!! First down Rams!! A 16 yarder. Now its second and eight after Steven gets 2.

2:15- Now it’s third and eight and I’m starting to lose confidence. Bulger is sacked for a loss of 11 and the Rams will punt. Yes we have a lot of football left to play but it doesn’t look good right now. The 49ers get the ball to their own 48. THIS IS NOT GOOD.

2:17- First and ten for San Francisco. Fumble by the NINERS, RAMS RECOVER!!! They have the ball on the SF 41 baby!!!

2:20- First play for Jackson, loss of three yards. Second and 13. Ball on the SF 44. Bulger completes one to Holt and this time HE DOESNT FUMBLE!! Third and three.

2:22- Ball on the 34 yard line for the Rams. I expect at least a field goal here. Fourth and three and we should see a FG. a FIFTY THREE YARD FIELD GOAL BY WILKINS!! This is huge. Rams lead 16-14. 10:09 to go.

2:24- After the kickoff, Niners ball on their own 17. We really need to play some D now. Gore loses a yard on the run, second and 11.

2:26- Third and eight now. A three yard run for back up RB Maurice Hicks. Let’s get the ball back. Let’s not. Hicks just caught an eleven yard pass. First down at the 30.

2:27- Smith is sacked, loss of four yards. Ball on the 26. Our defense has shown up today. Gore runs for two yards and it’s third and 12 on the 28.

2:28- Fourth and eight now and St. Louis is getting the ball back!! 6:28 to go.

2:30- Punt recovered by Hall who fumbles the punt. Niners recovered. Frank Gore gets nothing on the first carry. Second and ten. Now it’s second and nine and San Francisco takes a TO. 4:54 to go in the game.

2:33- Gore get’s three yards and it’s third and six. Let’s stop em!

2:34- Gore got no gain and it’s fourth down. Most likely a field goal coming.

2:35- Jo Nedney with a 40 yard field goal. 17-16 49ers. 3:28 left.

2:37- The kickoff is recovered by the Rams at their own 40. This is big. We get great field position. Now on first down Bulger throws one incomplete to Randy.

2:38- Now its gonna be third and seven as Jackson runs it for three yards to the Rams 43. We need a big play here.

2:39- And we didn’t get the big play. Fourth and seven and will we go for it? I don’t think so. I think were still in this game. We went for it!

2:40- First down for the Niners. Ball on the St. Louis 43. Time out 49ers. 2:35 to go. We need a big stop or the game is over.

2:41- On first down there was a penalty on the Niners, illeagal formation. So its a redue first down. First and 15. Must be the first penalty on the Niners the whole freakin game. And now a two yard run makes it second and 13. Timeout Rams with 2:26 left in the game.

2:43- Third and 11!! Rams take another timeout. We have a chance!! We have to stop them. 2:19 to go in the fourth. Gore loses two yards! Fourth and 13, RAMS BALL!! Two minute warning.

2:46- Rams have it on their own 20. First down as the game winning drive begins! Hopefully.

2:47- Penalty on Manny Lawson! Now its second and one. Bruce caught another pass.

2:49- Second and one on the Rams 34 and now its first down after another Bruce catch. He was pushed out at the Rams 43. Looking good, Rams fan!

2:50- Bulger couldn’t stop goin to Bruce but he went there again and now its third down. Bulger went for McMichael. Shit.

2:51- FIRST DOWN RAMS. Bennett caught his third pass of the game. Rams on the SF 45. Bulger spikes the ball and that stops the clock. Second down.

2:52- Third down as Bulger is sacked and its third and ten. Ball still on the SF 45. Now its third and 17. Big penalty on the Rams but now it looks as if were gonna get a field goal. Fourth and three at the SF 38.

2:54- Rams are going to try a long field goal here to win it. SF takes a timeout with 1:04 to go in the game.

2:55- And the Rams will lose this game. Wilkins misses the field goal. What a way to end the game.

2:57- Final score: 49ers 17 Rams 16. A terrible loss for the Rams.