Rams Review Week 2- Boys, Are We Really Out of it Yet?


Well, as many Rams fans know, we played terrible yesterday. There’s really no excuse for how the Rams played football yesterday. Our offensive line was horrendous, the worst I’ve seen it in a long time.

We need to get back on top of things before things really get out of hand. With the way we played on Sunday in the one point loss to the 49ers, can Rams fans pack it up and get ready for next year?

Well, I’m not so convinced our season is over quite yet.

I mean, its only week three in the season so thats a reason we still have hope. Also, I am still not convinced our defense is bad. I have payed very close attention in both games so far this season to the play of the defense and I have to say, I am far more impressed then I thought I’d be.

However, the problem is, we just don’t hold up until the end of the game. We give up to early. We had this game in the bag up until the end of the middle of the third quarter when San Francisco went for it on fourth and one and Frank Gore ran one plus another forty two yards for the score. That then put the Niners up one point and I started thinking to myself: “It’s week one all over again!!!!”

And it pretty much was.

Except for the fact that San Fran doesn’t really have a good play maker like the Panthers have so they only scored three more points, not thirteen. Then we get a huge field goal, they get a huge field goal, and the game is over.

Too bad we couldn’t be the last ones to get a huge field goal.

There were some big turnovers in this one as well that ends up on the o line and Bulger and Dante Hall. The fumble by Bulger is half on him, half on the o line. Man they stunk it up yesterday. Three sacks on Bulger isn’t good. We are going to have to find a way to get ourselves a solid o line.

Barron is replacing Orlando and the problem with that is, he’s not used to the OLT position. It’s one of the toughest positions in football to play because the running back usually runs to the left side, plus there are alot of left handed quarterbacks so the left side for them is the blind side.

I find it hard thinking Barron can fully replace Pace. But still, Bulger managed to throw for nearly 400 yards and a touchdown. However, it seems to me that Bulger will have to do this every week to even have an outside chance of winning because guess who doesn’t even have 200 yards rushing for the season yet?

sj. I decided to go lower case for this one. Yes, it’s partly the o line’s fault but still, Bulger did great and Jackson sucked. It doesn’t quite add up for me at this point.

So I’ve come up with a clear cut conclusion.

I will officially become a Seahawks fan. I mean I think its going to be a lot easier on my health, we’ll be able to win games were expected to win, and hey: I’ll have the freakin space needle. I mean who wouldn’t want that in their favorite team’s home town?

Forget the gateway arch, I’m sick of this stuff already.

Hey, after all, that’s what it’s like being a Rams fan these days.