Jackson Goes Awol: Right or Wrong?


The Rams had to deal with a lot on Sunday, what with the terrible loss we suffered at home and of course the whole Steven Jackson thing. The story goes a little like this.

The problem was, Action was very upset over what happened on the field on Sunday. Can you blame him? Anyway, he seemed very angry with what went on in the game and showed it on his way out of the stadium.”I was upset mainly because I thought we were going to come out on top,” Jackson said. “I really thought we were going to win, and I was hoping that we could put together a successful drive — and it just wasn’t going that way. It was more a vocal out-letting of frustration than anything.”

Those are some good words from the Rams spoken back field magician whose magic tricks haven’t really been successful this season. Yeah, I have to whole-heartedly agree with him. There’s no question that if you suffer such a loss like that, your going to be frustrated. Your going to have anger in side you, and your not going to be able to contain yourself.

Hey this is simply the result of what’s been going on in the Rams organization lately. We need to win the games were expected to win. And Jackson needs to get more carries. Bulger threw the ball alot two days ago and he did great. But I think we need to get the mentality we had last year, that everything needs to be in moderation. We need to balance our attacks so the opponent never really knows whats coming. Anyway, after an outburst like this, I think the Rams should realize whats going on in this situation.

What do you think? I want to hear from you so comment on this post with your thoughts on what the Rams should do to have a better chance at winning. Was this outburst a wake-up call for the Rams organization. You tell me. And keep going to RAMblin Fan for Rams updates throughout the week.