Jackson Calms Down


Well, Steven Jackson formally apologized yesterday for his outburst on Sunday against the 49ers. Alot of people around the Rams organization didn’t feel an apology was really necessary.

"“A lot of guys hear different things, and of course, I don’t think everyone knew the true and the full story,” Jackson said. “I just wanted to explain the situation. I told them that there wasn’t going to be any division on this team, and I just wanted to apologize if anyone took it the wrong way.”"

And so life resumes in St. Louis as the Rams have to go back to what they were originally thinking about: how to beat the Buccaneers in their week 3 matchup in Tampa on Sunday. Scott Linehan continues to have hope and is optimistic about the Rams chances this season.

"“It’s the second game of the season and there are 14 games left,” Linehan said Monday afternoon. “I’m encouraged by how we played defensively. Our special teams will come back around, and if we take care of the ball offensively and start getting that baby in the end zone, we can start our roll in Week 3. Unfortunately (the roll has to start) in Week 3 because we’re two down. … As far as being in a hole, yeah, we’re in a little hole. We put a little more pressure on ourselves than we wanted to, but sometimes that’s good.”"