Week 3- Rams @ Buccaneers


This week, the St. Louis Rams try to get in the win column for the first time this  year as they go on the road to Raymond James Stadium to face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is a big game for the Rams, one in which they will need to execute and play hard. We have to win this game, this is a must win.

*Offense-When you look at the Buccaneers offense, you see a couple of things. The first thing you look at is the versatility of running back Cadillac Williams and what he brings to the table. He is talented back who has did a great job last week and the Rams defense will need to contain him to win. As for quarterback Jeff Garcia, I’m just surprised he even won this job. I thought he would but I’m still surprised that he did. He hasn’t played badly so far so he should keep up that pattern. The Rams right now could look their worst on offense ever. Marc Bulger can’t seem to keep the ball in his hands, and no that doesn’t mean he’s passing all the time. He had two fumbles in last week’s game, due in large part to the poor play of the St. Louis offensive line that just hasn’t been able to carry the load after the Orlando Pace injury. Steven Jackson is due for a breakout game but against the Bucs D that gave up 20 and 14 points in each of their first two games, it might be the hardest task yet. I hope that Bulger spreads the ball around more and uses Bennett, Holt, and Bruce equally. All three can make a lasting impact on the game even if the stats don’t show it.

*Defense- The Bucs have looked solid on defense so far this year, something the Rams defense can’t really atest to. Linebacker Derricke Brooks has 17 tackles so far this season, he has looked great. Linebacker Barrett Ruud leads the NFL in tackles. He is a young guy with alot of underlying talent. that he has shown this season. Ruud was defensive player of the week last week. This defense had to deal with Shaun Alexander and Reggie Bush. Now they have another big time rusher running up their gut in Steven Jackson. Jackson has had some bad games this season so the Bucs will need to exploit some of his weaknesses. As for Rams on defense, they have to play better football. They were a very sloppy team with penalties amounting in the first two weeks of the season. I like the way they have played in the first two games other then the penalties but the problem is they just don’t hold up in the end and they lose because of that. Our defense has seriously done wel in forcing alot of three and outs and lets be honest, they held the 49ers to less then 200 yards last week, an offense with a top five running back from last year. That’s a great sign for this unit.

Keys to the Game: Rams

1. For the St. Louis Rams tommorrow, they must execute on defense and play the entire game. Don’t give up until there is no time left in the fourth quarter.

2. Also, as for the offensive line, they need to block well on the Bucs D line because they haven’t been doing a very good job of that. Plus, Bulger takes his time sometimes when hes in the pocket.  And Bulger, if you get sacked, don’t fumble!

Keys to the Game: Bucs

1. Well, the Bucaneers need Cadillac Williams to have another big game like he did last sunday against the Saints. If he doesn’t, they will have to rely on Jeff Garcia and a shaky wide reciever group.

Your probably wondering why I didn’t give the edge to any team on offense or defense. Well, I belive these two teams are dead even right now considering the Rams struggles.  As for my prediction:

Bucs 22 Rams 19- Another tough loss is coming for the St. Louis.