Rams Review Week 3- Say it Ain’t so Marc


Yesterday could have been the end of the season as we know it for the St. Louis Rams. They simply had their asses handed to them in Tampa. A 24-3 loss to the Buccaneers. Well, what does it prove? In my mind, I’m thinking right now about if there is a way to get back in the game. Well, the answer most likely is no.

We played terribly yesterday. Absolutely atrocious football. Can’t really put it to you any other way. First, Marc Bulger. Bulger simply couldn’t have done any worse. Coming into the game, he had kept a steady course of consistency in the first two games. However, he deviated slightly from the norm yesterday afternoon, throwing not one not two but three interceptions. It was one of the worst outings of his career.

Steven Jackson, however, couldn’t have played better. He rushed for over 100 yards for the first time this season. The bad news is, the Rams didn’t even muster a touchdown against an aging Bucs defense. But, they are slowly becoming what they once were. Still, it wouldn’t have hurt to give up a touchdown to the Rams, now would it have?

I am purely disgusted by our team’s play yesterday and I am wondering right now as to how we can somehow sneak back in it. I will not give up on this team’s chances because well, it’s the NFL and anything can happen. Plus, this team isn’t exactly the Oakland Raiders. Still, there is an overwhelmingly amount of cause for conern, if that even makes any sense at all. I am on my last legs with this team, as right now they just seem to be going no where.

The defense always seems to put up somewhat of a good showing, giving up 68 points in three games. But, it’s just not enough. We need Bulger and Jackson to do good in the same game. Not one of them suck it up in one game, and the other in the next game.

As a Ram fan right now, we are at very bad point in the season. But sit tight, we’ve got the Cowboys next week!