Rams Week 3 Report Card: Offense


Quarterback– Well, after Marc Bulger’s 116 yard, three interception performance on Sunday, it is very hard to imagine anything could get worse. Bulger did sustain some broken ribs on opening day, something that really hasn’t seemed to bother him in the last couple of weeks. I’m not quite sure if he needs to take a week off because of this injury. Is it really an injury deserving of that much care? Grade- F

Running Back- Steven Jackson actually had a satisfying week against the Bucs defense. He rushed for 115 yards but didn’t score a touchdown. This was his first 100 yard rushing game all season, after he gained more yards in the third game then he had combined for in the first two. Now he’s got that partial groin tear in his left groin. Brian Leonard will be filling in for him this coming week so it will simply be a work in progress with Leonard until Action returns. Grade-B+

Wide Recievers- Well, after the horrible play of the quarterback, it was hard for the recievers to do a good job. Torry Holt led the team with five catches on Sunday but the interception Bulger threw in the end zone was to Drew Bennett. Still, this could be the strongest part of the team right now. However, Holt has begun to take somewhat of a decline. Yes, he did have two touchdown catches in the first two games of the season, but they were both caught for a gain of 15 yards or less. Grade- A

Offensive Line- Well, with Mark Setterstrom out for the season, this unit takes on a huge challenge. They still were able to do good on Sunday, as Steven Jackson gained 100 plus yards on the ground for the first time this season. You can credit the o line for that. However, they are still a new group of players in new positions so they will have to get used to eachother. We’ll see how things progress over the course of the season. As to the left guard spot, there is still no word from coach Linehan as to who will be filling in for Mark Setterstrom. Grade- C+