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We can’t Identify Good Football Players?


Ok, this just scares me as a Rams fan. I know we’ve been having a tough year and all but this is just out of control. On the Rams page at AOL Fanhouse, there was an article about how the Rams struggles aren’t all Scott Linehan’s fault. I agree with that. But, the author also went on to quote STLtoday Rams columnist Bernie Miklasz.

"Here’s the biggest problem the Rams have right now, and it isn’t Scott Linehan: This organization can’t identify good football players."

Oh, ok. So that’s the problem. Wow, and it was sitting right in front of me the whole time. We can’t identify good players?

Hmm, you know some people just make me mad.

This is the biggest piece of ludacris I have ever heard in my life. That’s why Rams starting quarterback Marc Bulger was one of the top 10 passers last year and made the pro bowl? That’s why Rams running back Steven Jackson rushed for over 2000 yards last year? That’s why Rams wide recievers Torry Holt is one of the greatest players in NFL history?

Because we can’t identify GOOD players? Well, when it comes to the last couple of drafts, he’s probably right. But when I think of the Rams problems, I just don’t seem to think one of them is that we can’t identify good players. I’m not sure that’s why were losing.