Week 4- Rams @ Cowboys


Ok, so we all know at this point what the problem is. The Rams have had the worst possible start to a seaosn that anyone could have imagined. This Sunday, they’ll try for their first win for the fourth time this year, in Dallas against the Cowboys. Gametime is 12:00 P.M. St. Louis time.

*Offense- As for the Rams, the offense has taken a considerable dowfall in the last week. Rookie running back Brian Leonard will be starting for them this week because Steven Jackson is out with the partial groin tear. How Leonard will do is unknown at this point, as there have been no reports from Rams practice concerning his status. Marc Bulger threw three interceptions last week, against a defense that is up and coming. This week, he’ll have probably an easier test against a Cowboys defense that gave up 35 points in week one at home against the Giants. So this could be Bulger’s chance for a big game. As for the rest of our offense, I don’t think were gonna have as big of a problem as we did last week considering the defense were up against. The Cowboys have had one of the best offenses in the NFL in the first couple of weeks of the season. Terrell Owens and Tony Romo have shown what a great qb-wr combination they can be. This, though, is not going to be the toughest task that the Rams will face this Sunday. The Cowboy’s running game is explosive with Marion Barber showing some early signs of talent this season. He has done an amazing job this season and could be the toughest task yet for the Rams defense this year. The Cowboys shouldn’t have any problem, offensivly in this game. EDGE- Cowboys

*Defense-The only good news I can think of for the Rams defense at this point is that next week, cornerback Fakhir Brown will return from his four game suspension, something the Rams can’t really wait for at this point. The rest of the defense continues their poor play this year as they have given up 68 points this year. That’s the good news. The bad news is, the offense has kept on the field far longer than they should be. I mean, last week Tampa gained 5.7 yards per carry on us. Not good numbers. The sad part is, not one of their rushers gained 100 yards. There needs to be a major turnaround on defense for this team if they want to make any noise. Still what surprises me, the Rams are seventh in the league in total defense. However, we are 21st in points allowed with 23. This may be the strong point of the team right now. The Cowboys have had what could have been a better start to the year defensivly. In the first game of the season, they gave up 35 points to a mediocre Giants offense and in the second game they gave up 20 to the Dolphins. Last week, however, they were able to hold the Bears to just ten points. But hey, it’s the Bears offense. I think that there will be alot of pressure taken off this defense because now they won’t have to deal with Steven Jackson who did very well last week. The weakness is the pass defense, and that’s what the Rams are going to try to exploit. It’s not like they have a choice. EDGE- Cowboys

Keys to the Game: Rams

1. St. Louis needs to use Brian Leonard to their advantage but more importantly they will have to rely more then ever on the passing game this week. Bruce, Holt, and Bennett can step up and they will have to for the Rams to have a chance.

2. Also, the offensive line needs to contain Marc Bulger and make sure he has enough time to throw the ball. Earlier in the week, I gave my opinion on the offensive line and I think its clear what they need to do.

3. The defense needs to step up as well. I would say this is the toughest task yet for this defense.


1. All the Cowboys need to do in this game is make sure the offense plays great because the defense can lose the game for them. I am concerned that the defense might be worn out if their on the field for to long.

Prediction: Cowboys 35  Rams 21