Rams Review Week 12: What Would Bulger Do? (WWBD)


I’m sure many Rams fans are wondering right now what yesterday’s game would have been like had Marc Bulger stayed in for it’s entirety. Bulger left the game midway through the first half after getting sacked in the ribs, which we know already haunted him at an earlier point in the season.The St. Louis Rams couldn’t quite hold onto themselves (including the ball when it really mattered) in a 24-19 loss to the Seattle Seahawks yesterday afternoon at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. As I have said since getting our first win against the Saints, we need to score points in the first half.

The Rams did that, and only that.

We scored 19 points in the first half after a first quarter safety and a long touchdown run by Steven Jackson, mixed in with a Gus Frerotte touchdown pass to Isaac Bruce in the second quarter. I even said on my radio show that we could afford to score 20 points in the first half and win the game. We pretty much did that, but we couldn’t even score one point in the second half, which I wasn’t surprised at.

The Seahawks got off to a rough start that included Matt Hasselbeck throwing an interception early in the game when his team was in the red zone. However, Seattle got it going in the second half, coming to within two points of the Rams at 19-17. St. Louis’ offense couldn’t get anything going in the second half, except on the final drive of the game, when it mattered most. After a 52 yard missed field goal by Josh Brown (who I now hate even more for giving us a chance to blow the game, which we did), Frerotte stepped onto the field knowing he could lead an offensive drive and win the game. I must say, he made some very good decisions on that drive until the end. He threw the ball with good accuracy and managed time very well. Every time he dropped back to pass, I was afraid that ball was waiting to be given to the Seahawks.

But Frerotte dazzled me, to the point where I was confident we would score a touchdown and win the game. We were at about the ten after a huge pass interference call basically told me we had the game in our hands. Frerotte threw a low line drive to the end zone where Isaac Bruce couldn’t have been more wide open. I mean he was just jogging a normal cross route, and somehow he was the most obvious man on the field to throw the ball to. Anyway, this low line drive was one of the worst passes I have ever seen. Terrible. That’s the play that lost the game for us. Of course nobody knew that it would come down to Gus fumbling a snap on fourth down to end the game.

All of this, as a Rams fan dealing with a lost season, led me to this question:

What Would Bulger Do?

I know its sort of a paly on words, but what would Marc Bulger have done if he never got injured and was in the same situation. I’m sure many people beleive he wouldn’t have fumbled the snap but the truth is, we’ll never know unless he’s in the same situation. For now, lets deal with what we have (or what we don’t have, for that matter) and move on.

Man it’s great to be a Rams fan!