Bulger Should Play Sunday


According to the Post-Dispatch, Marc Bulger is feeling better and his concussion on Sunday was only minor. Therefore, he expects to play. This is no knock on Bulger, but I think we could beat a lowly Falcons team with Gus Frerotte at quarterback. I’m saying if it came down to a situation where Bulger could use some rest, it’s not a must win game and even so, its a winable game for the Rams. If Bulger is 100 percent, I say put him out there. If there’s a chance he might get another concussion, you might want to give him a day off. We don’t need to win football games anymore. Right now its a practice season where no game is a must win anymore. If not starting Bulger means losing the game, than we lose the game and our starting quarterback is healthier. Nothing lost, health gained.