Dante Hall Placed on IR


Dante Hall will be placed on injured reserve after not being able to comeback from his high ankle sprain. Just another injury to a season full of them for the Rams. I am not sure if I have ever seen this many injuries to one football team. Hopefully, Dante can comeback healthy for next season and return to his form as one of the best kick return specialists. Here is what Dante had to say about his injury:

"“It’s pretty tough,” Hall said. “I take pride in not missing games, so to be put on IR is like total devastation. But at this point, it’s just a smart thing to do for me and the team."

"“We were going back and forth,” Hall said. “It would feel good one week and then it would start to ache. It put coach in a bind not knowing who was going to be his returner every week. I’ll heal up and get ready for next year.”"

Dante on playing on turf vs. grass:

"“I hate to speculate on that,” Hall said. “I have no real evidence to suggest that. But I played on grass for seven years and never had any problems. I don’t know.”"

Dante on Devin Hester:

"“I’ve got very high standards for myself,” Hall said. “I’m not the best in the league right now. That’s Mr. (Devin) Hester. Until I’m better than him, it’s not good enough.”"