St. Louis Rams Sign Trent Green for Three Years


The St. Louis Rams signed Trent Green to a three year contract worth $8.9 million and includes a $2.1 million signing bonus. With bonuses and base salary Green will make $4 million in 2008. He will then make $2 million in 2009 and $2.9 million in 2010 at the age of 40! How many more ways can the Rams waste money prior to the 2008 season? I do not understand why a team that needs to rebuild for the future is returned to it’s past. Trent has only managed to start 13 of his last 32 possible starts, and has been hurt badly the last two years. So badly that he thought about retirement several times. How and why would the Rams sign him to a three year contract?

Maybe there are some facts to back up this strange move by the Rams. Let’s take a look. Green had 5 starts in 2007. Green would have been 26th in QB rating if he would have played enough to even be rated. 21 QBs completed as many passes in 2007 as he has completed over the last two years. The $65 million dollars the rams paid to Marc Bulger means Green is not the future or the present, and will get paid $9 million dollars to hold a clipboard. Where do I sign up for that job?

The Rams need to have a great draft and free agent class to rebuild this franchise. Instead we are digging bigger holes and throwing more money out the window. This was just not a great move by the Rams. With Bulger signed long term the Rams can not change QBs, so they should be looking for a young talented QB to groom for a couple years. Instead we spent more PSL dollars on a brittle old memory.

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