St. Louis Rams Free Agency to Date


Vic Carucci of released a “What teams are saying with their actions in free agency” report today. Below are his thoughts on the St. Louis Rams so far.

"What they’ve done: Signed placekicker Josh Brown, offensive guard Jacob Bell, and quarterback Trent Green.Biggest statement: Being able to replace one reliable kicker (retired Jeff Wilkins) with another is worth a major investment.Unfinished business: The Rams should be able to add a dynamic player with the second overall pick of the draft."

Well considering that he says that our biggest statement is picking up another reliable kicker, tells me he is not too excited about the

St. Louis Rams free agent pickups

to date. However the biggest pickup by the Rams so far is

Al Saunders

the new Rams offensive coordinator. Al Saunders has been a huge part of high powered offensive machines featuring

Chuck Muncie, Dan Fouts, Kurt Warner, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Marshall Faulk, Trent Green, Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson

, as well as others. This makes Jacob Bell the best player pickup so far for the Rams. We need Trent Green off his back, and Jacob Bell is the first step in the right direction of making that happen. Could

Jake Long



be step number two? What do you think?