David Carr vs. Trent Green


I would once again like to talk about the St. Louis Rams signing Trent Green to a 3 year contract worth almost 9 million dollars and 4 million of that counting against the 2008 NFL salary cap. I know that Al Saunders is back and he knows the system, but let’s look deeper into the issue. Trent will be 38 before the 2008 season starts. Trent will never be the QB that will replace Marc Bulger. We are spending 4 million of our cap dollars for someone to hold a clipboard when the team needs added depth at every position. The positive that everyone is talking about, is the Saunders connection, the familiarity with the offense, and Trents ability to help Marc Bulger. Once again I question why our $65 million dollar QB needs help. Trent is one blow to the head from being out of the NFL forever, is he the answer?

I believe the smarter move would have been to pick up David Carr or a player like David Carr. Exactly what do I mean by this? Well the New York Giants were able to get David Carr to sign just a one year contract, for a reported 1 million dollars plus incentives. I think it is easy to see why this would have been a much better move by the Rams. David Carr is 28 years old and a former #1 overall draft pick. In addition David played 5 straight years for the Houston Texans and only missed 4 games while being sacked more times than any other QB in the league. He is durable and has a strong arm and a QB rating just as good as Trent Green over the last couple years. He is just as big as Trent Green and is over 9 years younger. The Rams are obviously rebuilding so why not get younger and cheaper. A player like David Carr would have been a much better pickup than Trent Green.

 I would love your comments, and to hear who you would like to have seen the Rams pick up.