Where is Justin Hartwig?


Justin Hartwig was released by the Carolina Panthers on Tuesday. Should the St. Louis Rams be making a move to pick him up? The Rams currently have Brett Romberg, Andy McCollum & Nick Leckey listed at the center position. McCollum is about done and lost the starting job in 2007 to Brett Romberg. I don’t believe Scott Linehan is very high on McCollum who seems more likely to play Guard on the Rams in 2008, if he plays at all. Romberg and Leckey are ok but I believe Justin Hartwig would be a step up. Justin is being replaced in Carolina by Ryan Kalil. Justin had a knee injury late in 07, and missed most of 06 with a serious groin injury. In Tennessee Justin was the anchor of a pretty solid O-line. Justin could add the depth that we badly need on the offensive line. In a blink of an eye we could line up with Pace, Incognito, Hartwig, Bell & Barron. Add Jake Long in the 1st round and we could go from a weak O-line to a very good O-line with depth behind the starters. I say sign Justin Hartwig now. The Panthers were able to sign a healthy Hartwig to a 5 year 17 million dollar contract. After his latest injuries I don’t believe the cost would be very high for Hartwig. I don’t think he will be available too long, so I hope the Rams make their move soon.