Scott Linehan and the Rams Attend University of Virginia Pro Day


Several players worked out during the University of Virginia’s Pro Day on Tuesday. Let’s face it, everyone was there to see Chris Long. With rumors swirling that the Dallas Cowboys would like to trade up into the Miami Dolphins spot and take Darren McFadden could the St. Louis Rams really get Chris Long? I don’t think the Rams can go wrong with either Long, but a talent like Chris Long with Howie Long’s character should be too much to pass up. The 2008 NFL Draft is very deep at OT and if the Rams are lucky enough to get Chris Long I still think they can pickup a great tackle in round 2. As for the pro day here is what Scott Linehan had to say about Chris Long…

“Can’t go wrong with a player like this,” said St Louis Rams Head Coach Scott Linehan. “He’s got an unbelievable amount of football ability and his character on top of that is unbelievable. So when you get that kind of package, you’re looking at a guy that is going to impact a team right away.”

 Source – NBC