St. Louis Rams Take a Look at Matt Ryan


Dick Daniels, St. Louis Rams scout was in Chestnut Hill, Mass on Tuesday to watch Matt Ryan during his Pro Day. Does this mean the Rams are looking to draft Matt with the second pick of the 2008 NFL Draft? Of course it does not mean that, but it is important that the Rams take a good look at as many players as possible. Sure they will have the choice of any possible player other than who the Miami Dolphins take, but it is just as important to have the appearance that you are not set on one player. If the other 31 teams have no idea who the Rams are going to take it is possible that we may get more offers for our #2 pick. I do not think the Rams have to trade down but why not get all of the offers possible from your foes.

 The Kansas City Chiefs do need a QB and here is what Herman Edwards had to say about Matt Ryans workout.

“I thought he pressed a couple times, trying to throw the ball a little too hard,” Edwards said. “That’s generally what happens with quarterbacks, when you get the media there. It used to be 10-15 years ago, the workouts, five people were there. Now, depending who you are, what school you’re at, and where people slate you being drafted, it becomes this. Which is kind of good, because it puts a lot of pressure on the kids, and the game everyone plays, there is going to be pressure on them. You look at that, and also understand that they’re going to press some. He pressed some throws, but the thing this guy has is his ability to win. That’s the thing you like about quarterbacks — some guys win, some guys don’t. You can look at all the stats, arm strength, you can look at all the different things, but at the end, can he win games? This guy has done that.”

Source – The Boston Globe