Steelers Steal Justin Hartwig From Rams


Well it is hard for me to believe that the St. Louis Rams did not jump all over Justin Hartwig once the Carolina Panthers let him go. On Tuesday the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to sign Justin to a two year, $4 million dollar contract, which will include a $975,000 signing bonus.  The Steelers which were 3rd in the NFL in 2007 in rushing yards once again know that you win with a solid O-line. Hopefully the Rams will one day get it. Hartwig if healthy would have been the solid center piece of the line in 2008. After all of the troubles the Rams had in 2007 to even field 5 players they should have signed Justin in a heart beat. For $2 million a year that is pennies in this league for a solid player. After paying $4 million towards the cap for Trent Green to carry a clip board, this could have been a much better move, and improved the Rams O-line immediately. Justin has started 63 games at center in the NFL and that is experience the St. Louis Rams could desperately use. The Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams were all said to be interested in Hartwig, however the Steelers came through with the right move. Shame on the Rams for not picking up a nice piece of the puzzle. Billy Devaney so far is not doing much for me. Hopefully his draft evaluation will be top notch.