St. Louis Rams Have Tough Choice at #2


Vic Carucci of today posted an interesting article about how the St. Louis Rams find themselves in a tough position with the number 2 pick in this years 2008 NFL Draft.

"With the second overall pick of the draft, they aren’t under quite as much scrutiny as the Miami Dolphins, who own the top choice. But it’s extremely close.Theoretically, the Rams — who haven’t chosen this high since trading to No. 1 for Orlando Pace in 1997 — are in position to land the second-rated prospect of the entire college crop. In a year such as this, where there is no consensus No. 1, they could very well end up with a player that they (and many other teams) actually rated higher than the first one chosen.They also could end up with the messiest of uncooked omelet facials."

Vic points out that Ryan Leaf, Tony Mandarich, Rick Mirer, Robert Gallery and Charles Rodgers. There is no sure thing here for the Rams but that is just another reason to me to stay in the #2 spot and take what you believe is a quality choice. Between Chris Long, Jake Long, Glenn Dorsey, Vernon Gholston and Darren McFadden the Rams should get a player that we will be watching for the next 10 years. This is a critical year, and we can not afford a Ryan Leaf!