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St. Louis Rams Preseason Schedule Includes…


The NFL was supposed to release the 2008 NFL Schedule on Thursday but instead they only released the 2008 Preseason schedule minus the dates and times. In another rematch of Superbowl XXXIV the Rams will play at Tennessee. Fans will then get to see two teams that we rarely see with the San Diego Chargers and Baltimore Ravens coming to town.  The Preseason will come to a close at Arrowhead as the Rams and Kansas City Chiefs battle for the Governor’s cup. The biggest problem with these games is the fact you are charged regular season prices, to watch players that will not even play in the league. In the last two season Steven Jackson has played about 5 plays in 8 total games. Give the fans a break and start giving the season ticket holders something for their money.

  • St. Louis Rams at Tennessee Titans
  • San Diego Chargers at St. Louis Rams
  • Baltimore Ravens at St. Louis Rams
  • St. Louis Rams at Kansas City Chiefs (Governor’s Cup)