Howard Balzer Would Not Draft Glenn Dorsey


Today Stlsportsinsider posted what Howard Balzer thoughts are about the St. Louis Rams possibly drafting Glenn Dorsey. Nice to see someone that agrees with me. I have said all along that Dorsey is the biggest bust risk in the draft at the top. A 300 pounder with knee problems and playing on astroturf at least 8 games a year is just too big a risk. Would you draft Glenn Dorsey?

"National Football writer and Sirius Satellite Radio Host Howard Balzer said on his local radio show on Team 1380 Tuesday that he thinks Glenn Dorsey will need to have surgery at somepoint, and he called him a “walking time bomb” with a clear issue with his tibia.Balzer talked about how the Rams drafted Damione Lewis at 12 overall in 2001 even though he had issues with his foot, and Lewis ended up breaking his leg in his rookie season, needing 2 surgeries. Lewis wasn’t even able to start running until mid-August of 2002, and he was never the same player and never lived up to expectations.Howard said he will be interested to see where Dorsey is drafted and that if he drafted Dorsey, Balzer would look into making him have surgery before he even plays."