Kansas City Chiefs Fans Call Us Out!!!


Someone named Scott has called St. Louis Rams fans Fairweather, on a Chiefs board. This is a very interesting article and I would like Rams fans to stand up and take a stand based on these comments. If you wish to reply go to The Chiefs Fansided Forum . Is KC really a better football town then St. Louis?

Below is From Scott on a Kansas City Chiefs forum:

I won’t say I’m exactly a Rams hater but…

If there’s one thing that makes me sick it’s Fairweather Fans.

I live in Jefferson City (dead center of Missouri). Naturally, being about the same distance from KC and STL there are a lot of fans of both the Chiefs and Rams. There’s one difference though – The Chiefs fans are loyal 100% of the time.

Generally, Rams fans here are what you’d call “Fairweather Fans”. When the Rams first came to St. Louis they sucked. They sucked hard. No one was a Rams fan. All of the sudden they win a Super Bowl and everyone has always loved them! All along! There’s blue and gold merchandise everywhere.

Then the team starts to slide again and the Rams stuff is buried in the bowels of the closet. Not to be seen.

Chiefs fans here are different. We wear our Red, White, and Gold with pride no matter what. Even last season.

And don’t even get me started on Cards vs. Royals.

Is it like this anywhere else? And are Chiefs fans always this loyal or are Rams fans just that shallow?