Last Updated 4/17/2008 - Version 2 Last Updated 4/17/2008 - Version 2

Stlvinnie’s 2008 NFL Mock Draft


Last Updated 4/17/2008 – Version 2

This Mock Draft assumes NO trades in round 1

Team1st Round1.

Miami Dolphins

Jake Long

OT, University of Michigan  – Ok I will play along. I think that the Miami Dolphins should take Chris Long or trade down, but it currently looks like they are after jake Long. They do need to improve their O-line so Jake is the man with the first overall selection.2. With the Dolphins switching to Jake Long that let’s Chris Long fall right in the lap of the St. Louis Rams. I believe Chris Long is the can’t miss prospect of the top 4. Being the son of a Hall of Famer has to help with knowing how to play the game and intangables. Chris can rotate with Little and Hall to create a pass rush that the Rams have been lacking for several years now.3. Atlanta FalconsMatt Ryan

Jake Long will be hard to pass up here, but I have 3 names for you, Byron Leftwich, Joey Harrington, and Chris Redmon. This is a team in need of an identity and someone to make them forget about Michael Vick. Matt Ryan will be the choice here. This is a team with low expectations so there will be no rush to gethim killed. Let him learn and slowly work him in as the new starter later in the year.

4. Well I still have Jake Long on the board here, but sorry Jake this is Al Davis. Al missed on not getting Adrian Peterson last year and he is going to be hell bent to not have that happen again. It does not seem to matter ow many running backs the Raiders already have, Darren is going to be the man here.

5. With Jake Long now gone the Chiefs should move down possibly into the 8th hole and select Ryan Clady. Since this is based on no trades they will still take Clady only it will be in the 5th slot of the draft. The Chiefs are in desparate need of a new O-line and a franchise QB. I don’t believe there is a franchise QB in this draft so the Chiefs will start to rebuild their line and power rushing attack.6. New York Jets – Well this draft did not go the way the Jets had hoped. With thier current roster and their off-season signing who knows what the Jets are thinking. With only 4 draft picks in the 2007 draft, the Jets need to get some solid players in this draft. I know they picked a corner last year but what are they going to do. I think this is too early for Kenny Phillips so DRC is the man here. At over 6 feet, and blazing speed the Jets will build around a solid secondary and try to get a top wide receiver in round 2. 7. New England Patriots (From 49ers) – Well the rich just keep getting richer. The 49ers handing this pick to the Patriots will help them out tremendously. After losing 3 cornerbacks in the off-season the Patriots will get the top rated corner in most mock draft circles.

8. Baltimore could take a shot at moving up to #5 to possibly take Jake Long, or Ryan Clady, but most likely they would make a run at Matt Ryan. I think #8 is to high for Brian Brohm. I think there will be an early run on projected left tackles and the Ravens will add to that with the selection of Jeff Otah.

9. It is the Bengals lucky day as Doresy falls all the way down to the number 9 spot. For a team that needs a ton of defense this will be the easy choice. After losing Justin Smith they could switch to the 3-4 with the added abilities of Dorsey.10. New Orleans Saints – This should be a battle between Sedrick Ellis and Rivers. The Saints have a lot of around the block linebackers out there and it is about time to add a difference maker. I believe teams with a losing attitude should always go for players with a winning background. Bringing in a USC Trojan will help this team in more than one way.11. Wow this is a very tough pick I feel for these teams going through this process. Can Bills pass on Sedrick Ellis at 11? They need a big receiver but I think there are 5 receivers with no clear cut star. You also have to pick a WR that can play in  lot of cold weather games. I am stepping out here, Ellis looks like the choice but I am going with the hard hitting hammer in Phillips. The top WR on the board in round 2 will be their next pick.

12. This will be a no brainer here if Ellis is on the board. Time for the Broncos to actually get a player on the D-line instead of filling in with cast offs. They will take a hard look at Jeff Otah but if Ellis is on the board the Broncos will sprint to the podium. 13. Somehow Gholston has now fallen to the #13 position and the Panthers will not be able to pass him up. With this version of the Mock Draft it is very possible the Jets will snag him at #6. I still think you have to worry about Vernon. Sure he is a workout freak but so was Vernon Davis who has had little impact on the San Francisco 49ers. He is also a tweener and might fit better in a 3-4 as the outside backer. So we could quite possibly end up as a New York Jet. We shall see.

14. What a fun pick this is. I was waiting just to get here. I just can’t pass him up. Sure the Bears need a QB but haven’t they needed a QB every year over the past 30 years? Sure Jonathan Stewart and Felix Jones are strong players but come on. Don’t they already have Cedrick Benson? University of Illinois player playing for Chicago. Does Dick Butkus ring a bell? Who can’t see the drunken, half naked Bears fan with a bottle of Chicago’s finest standing and screaming for that Mendenhall 4 yard run!

15. I know it is Matt Millen’s turn and I have EVERY wide receiver still on the board. He wouldn’t do it again would he? He just can’t do it again. Too many quality needs still on the board. As a bonus he can also return kicks and the Lions are currently using Troy Walters for that. Stewart could be this years Adrian Peterson. I am going with Stewart, a short, powerful, quick back. Does that remind you of anyone? Hmmmmm Recent toe injury could change this pick.16. With Mike Jenkins still on the board the Cardinals will think about it but I just think they can’t pass up Harvey. This is an impact player at #16, and could improve the Cardinals defense instantly. Harvey reminds me a lot of Richard Dent. For those not as old as I he may remind you of Javon Kerse.

17. Here is my pick of the draft. This may be off from what others are picking but how fun is this. You already have Adrian Peterson and now you can add a speed burning threat at wide receiver. Minnesota will have at least 9 games in a dome stadium in 2008. This kid can fly and he is a great kick returner. Watch out, this division is loading up on stars. 18. Houston Texans – Lets get a clue Texans. You are losing games because your QB has been staring at the ceiling since you got the franchise. You must block for your QB and keep him upright. Williams is a mean nasty tackle that will help you start building a line. Chris Williams could quite possibly end up the top OT in this draft. Take him now and don’t over think. 19. Well Andy Reid ALWAYS takes defense and loves lineman, however I think enough is enough, a top WR has to come here. All of them are still on the board. This could easily be Limas Sweed or Devin Thomas but I like Kelly. With Mike Jenkins on the board Reid could take a CB even tough they picked up Samuel. They could get set up with stud corners for the future and continue to look to move Lito Sheppard.20. I really do not know what to do with this pick. It seems like this team got old overight. Will a team with four quarterbacks take Broham? They are in need of a WR under 50, so Limas Sweed orDevin Kelly are also possible here. I know Mike Jenkins is still on the board but I am not a big fan. I like the upside and play making ability of Talib. Wiht Ronde  Barber on the other side Tampa can become better defensively. There will still be plenty of receivers to choose from in round 2. Recent drug issues/rumors could change this pick as well.21. Another tough pick. The Redskin starters on offense and defense are fairly solid. I like Limas Sweed or Early Ducet here as well but I am going to go with pass pressure. If you learned anything last year it is that you can beat good teams with pass pressure. I think the skins pick a solid player in Merling with this pick.22. I can’t really pass up Limas Sweed all the way down at #22 can I? The great Texas receiver will follow his dreams to play for the Dallas Cowboys. Mike Jenkins and Aqib Talib are also very possible picks at this position.23. 24. Tennessee Titans –

25. Seattle Seahawks – 26. Jacksonville Jaguars – 27. 28. 29. 30.



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