Chris Long Falls Right Past the St. Louis Rams


Hello I am Stlvinnie, Lead Blogger of Today we will discuss what the St. Louis Rams will do in the 2008 NFL Draft. This is a must draft for the Rams to improve their overall talent level.

The Rams needs going into this draft will be an offensive lineman to protect Marc Bulger and improve the running game. A defensive lineman to put pressure on the opposing QB and to help out the thin linebacker and secondary core. Later in the draft the Rams will need to address linebacker depth and get a replacement for Isaac Bruce. With luck they may find a 3rd string QB to mold in rounds 6 or 7.  

 A lot of new information and rumors have been flying around the internet, Rams park, and the radio the last week. It appears the Miami Dolphins really are not interested in Chris Long or Glenn Dorsey. Bill Parcells loves the pass rush and Vernon Gholston currently seems to be their man. Playing a 3-4 the Dolphins will most likely pass on Chris Long and Dorsey.

So believe it or not Chris Long will fall right down to us, and from what I heard this week right past us! How can this be? Well it seems the Rams brass have a 3 man race with Chris Long, Jake Long and Glenn Dorsey. Currently Chris Long seems to be last in this race. It is currently 50/50 between Jake Long and Glenn Dorsey. Dorsey is the stud athlete that has coaches and player personnel men like Bill Devaney in awe. While Jake Long is the favorite of coach Scott Linehan because he is most likely to help keep Marc Bulger erect. So who will we choose? I believe Dorsey will win out with overall talent and the ability to improve the defense as a whole, instead of Jake Long who would probably be behind Orlando Pace and Alex Barron to start with. Glenn Dorsey is the immediate impact player and will be the St. Louis Rams first round selection.

With their second round pick the Rams may select an offensive tackle like Carl Nicks from Nebraska, or Sam Baker from USC or try to pick up a starting linebacker such as Jerod Mayo from Tennessee or Dan Connor out of Penn St.

I am still hoping for a Chris Long, Sam Baker combination.

What are your thoughts?