Well the 2008 NFL Draft is upon us. The Well the 2008 NFL Draft is upon us. The

2007 St. Louis Rams Draft Recap


Well the 2008 NFL Draft is upon us. The St. Louis Rams are looking for immediate impact with the #2 overall pick in the draft. Everyone is always excited in April about the draft and the possibilities, talking about how that one player can turn your franchise around. There do not seem to be any Peyton Manning’s or LT’s in this years draft but who knows. I would like to talk about last years draft to see how much impact we can expect. If you look at the table below you will see what the Rams received out of their 2007 draft picks. As you can see from the 8 draft picks that we had, they totaled less tackles than most middle linebackers in the NFL and Brian Leonard provided the only offense from the draft with 486 total yards. If these are the results we get from the 2008 draft we will be in big trouble. Can Chris Long, Jake Long, or Glenn Dorsey help this team out right now? Are you shocked at these stats? Do you see that Clifton Ryan who we drafted in the 5th round, on paper provided as much to the Rams as Adam Carriker our 1st round selection? Bill Devaney will need to get our draft ship pointed in the right direction in 2008. Just some food for thought before people get on the kool-aid heavy.








 Adam Carriker


 30 tackles, 2 sacks



 Brian Leonard


 486 total yards



 Jonathan Wade


 19 tackles 1 pick



 Dustin Fry


 Played in 4 games



 Clifton Ryan

 Michigan State

 30 tackles, 2 sacks



 Ken Shackleford





 Keith Jackson





 Derek Stanley


 Kick Returner in 3-games