2008 St. Louis Rams Schedule – Freak Out


Well the 2008 St. Louis Rams Schedule has been released and it is causing a major panic on the internets. Why? These schedules are announced way in advance. Sure the order of the schedule seems tough with Philly, NYG, and Seattle all sitting there. However let’s face it if we are going to be a playoff team you have to beat Seattle. Philly was 8-8 last year, and last April you would have had the Giants on your schedule and not said a word. Here is a heads up in 2009 we have to play the Colts. What will we do? I will tell you what we need to do, we need to improve and not worry about the schedule. Worry about can Bennett play as well as Bruce. Can Culberson a street free agent start 16 games at LB? Will Barron close his mouth and play some football in 2008? Will Linehan let Saunders re-create a steam rolling offense? These are our issues, not the schedule. We are 0-0 and so is everyone else.